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    Tried and Tested: How effective is Hotpoint ActiveCare at removing stains?

    We challenged @the_piplets to really push her Hotpoint ActiveCare washing machine to its limits, and find out if it really can remove all those stubborn stains.

    For me and my family, a washing machine is worth it’s weight in gold. With 6 children, 3 of which are triplets, you could say it’s a busy household. So, when laundry day come’s round, it’s less of a pile and more of a heap of clothes that I’ve got to get through.

    We’re also a very active family and constantly going on adventures. Naturally the kids get a bit grubby, and I’m left scratching my head, wondering how I’m going to get all these stains out of their clothes. So, when I heard about Hotpoint ActiveCare and how it could remove over 100 stains, I was eager to put it to the test.

    If it can deal with my busy family, then we’re onto a winner…

    This afternoon, me and my three boys baked some delicious brownies. We used a simple packet mix, and the boys all worked together. Koray held the bowl, while Ayaz poured in the egg and water. Then came the fun part, Kuzey switched on the mixer and everything whizzed around inside the bowl. Of course, some of it sprayed over Koray’s t-shirt, and afterwards I let the boys lick the bowl, which naturally ended up in a bit of a messy chocolate heaven.

    As you can imagine, the boys had a lot of fun. However, in the past I’ve often made them strip down so If any mixture goes astray, it won’t spoil their clothes, especially when there’s three of them. So, after putting their clothes in for a wash, I was so surprised to see, or shall I say not to see any chocolate stains. Not even the slightest mark of stain was visible.

    This evening the boys had pasta with tomato sauce for dinner, it’s their absolute favourite. However, I do dread the inevitable tomato sauce stains afterwards. As always, they finished every last mouthful, and as you can imagine, they spilt most of it down their tops and on my tablecloth.

    I left the tops overnight without treatment and washed them on the ActiveCare setting the day after. The marks didn’t fully come out, but I believe that might be because the pasta sauce stains were able to settle in overnight. I did however pre-treat one of the t-shirts before the wash, the stain was much lighter, but still visible.

    The boys have their own chicks which they love to play with, and this afternoon they were experimenting with water and mud, creating muddy puddles. The little chicks came over to investigate and ended up running through the mud. The boys found this hilarious and chased after to catch them.

    To test how ActiveCare would fare against mud, we let the chicks run over the boy’s t-shirts and of course they had to have a mud fight as well. While it was great fun, they were very dirty by the time they finished. Not wanting to waste time, I chucked their mucky clothes straight into the washing machine, and about an hour later I was stunned to see them completely stain free. I have to say, I was doubtful the t shirts would come clean again.

    As any parent will know, the ultimate test for any washing machine is the ketchup test. The boys thought I was crazy when I told them they could cover their hands in ketchup!!! So, with the scary combo of white t-shirts and ketchup, the boys were ready to wreak havoc. To put it bluntly, the t-shirts weren’t so white afterwards.

    I didn’t pre-treat the t-shirts, but they did go straight into the wash. I was so surprised when they came out bright white again, especially as the wash is on 20° #mummywin.

    As soon as we finished the challenges, I popped the t-shirts in the wash using the ActiveCare setting. The wash cycle was quick at just about an hour, and it was only a 20° wash which means it’s really good for the environment. Also, you can use any detergent, as long as It’s not tablets.

    Our Hotpoint ActiveCare 10kg washing machine has been amazing for us. We have 6 children including the triplets, and it’s made a huge difference in how much quicker it is to get the laundry done each week. The ActiveMousse setting massages your clothes with a combination of detergent and water that has been pre-mixed before so it can thoroughly deep clean your laundry. This means you don’t have to faff around pre-treating your clothes beforehand. The ActiveDrum tech means only the exact amount of water is used throughout the cycle, ensuring the most economical wash possible. The ActiveDrum also uses 10 different motions designed to tackle a range of stubborn stains. Couple that with a huge 10kg drum which can squeeze a whole load of clothes in, then you have the perfect washing machine for families.

    I would highly recommend a Hotpoint ActiveCare washing machine to any busy household. Removing stains was my worst nightmare with the children. Now I can just pop dirty clothes in the wash on a quick cycle knowing they will disappear. So, it’s great for me, and great for the kids too, as they can be as messy as they like.

    Hotpoint recommends heavily stained clothing is washed within 8 hours for optimum stain removal.

    This product was gifted free of charge in exchange for @the_piplets's honest opinion.

    Images provided by @the_piplets