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    Budget Ways To Keep Your Home Warm

    Is your heating bill through the roof? Follow our top tips on how to keep your home warm on a budget this winter!

    Staying indoors and cranking up the heating is the obvious option in the winter but we’re not made of money. If you’re noticing your energy bills shoot up suddenly over the colder months, use these simple tips to save on heating bills and make sure your home stays warm.


    Use thick curtains



    Thick curtains are excellent to block out any cold air and act as a layer of insulation inside rooms. Another tip is to keep them open during the day to let the sunlight in. This will keep your rooms warm.


    Use tin foil



    Radiator panels are cheap, easy to install, and make sure that heat from your radiators warms up your room and not your walls.

    They work by reflecting the heat back into the room. You can use tin foil (on the shiny side up) for the exact same result.


    Set timers on heaters



    Setting the timers on your heating will save you so much on energy bills. With this Nest thermostat you can use the app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, to adjust the heating remotely. So, on the evening commute, you’ll know the house will be toasty when you get home. If you have the Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker, you can even control it with simple voice commands – which is great when you have your hands full. It starts learning your schedule and what temperatures you like as well, so it will begin to program itself automatically making it so much more energy efficient for your home.


    Clear heaters



    If your sofa is placed directly infront of your heater, this may feel like a genius idea. However, your sofa will be absorbing the heat and preventing the heat from circulating your room. The same goes for curtains and leaving clothes to dry in front of the heater. Clear the space to allow the heat to circulate.


    Wrap up warm



    This doesn’t just go for your clothing. Use blankets, if you have solid wood floor, cover it with rugs. Use cushions and make your home feel super cosy.