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    Can Beko’s RapiDry™ feature save you time and money?

    You know what they say, time is money. If you’re looking for ways to be a bit more efficient when it comes to the laundry, Beko’s RapiDry™ tumble dryers are the way to go. They work by speeding up the drying time, without sacrificing top-notch results. We asked @iamalisonperry to give one a go, and to let us know her thoughts. Over to you, Alison.

    As a mum of three daughters, we get through a lot of laundry, as I’m sure you can imagine. Our youngest kids are three-year-old twins who are forever wiping their sticky hands down their tops, sitting in puddles and coming home from pre-school with paint-splattered sleeves. Our eldest does seven hours a week of dance classes too, so along with her school uniform, it can feel like a full-time job to wash and dry her kit every week.

    Up until now we’ve managed without a tumble dryer. Why, you might ask? We’ve just never owned one and I (incorrectly) thought they were a bit useless, because don’t they just shrink your clothes?

    So for years, every autumn and winter, we’ve dried our laundry on two fold-down drying racks in the spare bedroom, which can take days to dry.

    This is why we’re incredibly keen to try out the Beko RapiDry™ tumble dryer and see if it really is as good as it sounds…

    Good to have you on board, Alison! We’ll start with an easy one, what were your first impressions of the Beko tumble dryer that we sent you?

    We were struck by how easy it was to get started. The AO delivery team unpacked the tumble dryer, put it in place in our kitchen and plugged it in. Job done. There was no plumbing in or complex installation involved – impressive!

    So easy! We asked you to put the RapiDry™ feature to the test. How did you get on?

    The first load of laundry we put in was a bunch of towels, and by hitting the RapiDry™ button on the control panel, it decreased the drying time by 35 minutes. Which was handy, because we needed a couple of the towels dry and ready for my eldest daughter to take to her swimming lesson that afternoon. It saved my bacon.

    And, what did you think of its other features?

    I’m astounded by how much we can get into the drum. It holds up to 8kg, and even when I pile in what I think is a huge amount of towels or bedding, it doesn’t look full. Being able to dry lots of bedding at once, and getting it back onto the beds, is brilliant and feels very efficient. The drying sensor is another great feature – especially for someone like me, who wrongly assumed that all tumble dryers shrink your clothing. The sensors detects when clothing is dry and adjusts the drying time appropriately so you won’t ever over-dry your laundry.

    Do you have any other thoughts?

    I love the Automatic Anti-Creasing function. As someone who hates ironing (does anyone actually enjoy it?), being able to take laundry out and find it’s not horribly wrinkled is fantastic. The child-proof lock is another key feature for us. Our twins love to press buttons, so it’s great that we can avoid any mishaps.

    Finally, did this tumble dryer save you any time or money?

    We’ve yet to have an energy bill in to tell how it affects that, but it does use up to 50% less energy than conventional dryers, so we feel confident that they won’t increase hugely. Does it save us time? So much time. It’s fantastic that we can now quickly dry laundry rather than having to wait for days with it hanging up. It’s life-changing!

    @iamalisonperry is using the Beko heat pump tumble dryer with RapiDry™

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @iamalisonperry, and has been written up by our copywriter.