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    Tried and Tested: Is a Haier American fridge freezer enough for a big family?

    We challenged @the_piplets to test out a Haier American fridge freezer and see out it fares with a big family

    As a family we’d outgrown our existing fridge freezer some time ago. We should have really upgraded around the time we had the triplets, but we didn’t and just perserved. This meant years of never properly being able to do a full week shop as we just couldn’t store all the food. Having to nip out to the shops two to three times a week just to pick up things like milk and fruit became a burden, and frankly just time wasted. So I’m really looking forward to putting the Haier fridge freezer to the test. I hope it will put an end to all those last-minute trips to the shop.

    I can’t stress how excited I was to see that the Haier American fridge freezer had multiple compartments, and better yet with separate temperature controls. Being able to properly store my different foods such as fruit, veg and meat at the right temperature is a lifesaver. In the past I have often found things like lettuce or cucumber frozen because it’s too cold, or my fruit has gone off too early because it’s crammed in with everything else. The freedom to separate my food types and set the right temperature will surely mean fresher food for longer and fewer impromptu trips to the shops.

    With a big family, it’s much easier to cook a week’s worth of meals in bulk. But you can only do that if you actually have the storage capacity, which I didn’t have until recently. With my Haier American fridge freezer though, that’s actually a possibility. And with winter on its way, being able to cook up a batch of hearty stews will keep my family fed throughout the week while also not being too taxing on me either.

    My boys love an ice cream, and they’re often clambering to the fridge to grab one or three before rushing off outside to play. However, most of the time they forget to close the door, and by the time I’ve realised, it’s too late and a thick rim of ice has formed around the sides of the freezer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to defrost it, which if you’ve had the pleasure, you’ll know takes ages. Well then you’ll understand why the door alarm on the Haier fridge freezer is fast becoming a favourite feature of mine. If the boys have left the door open again, the alarm will chine and I’ll be right in, shutting that door straight away. No more defrosting for me.

    I really love the overall look and feel of the Haier American Fridge Freezer; it blends nicely into my kitchen with a smart and stylish finish. The compartments on the inside are all really well thought out, it makes unloading a full week shop simple and easy. Plus, the fruit and veg drawers are on rollers, which means the kids can easily help themselves.

    Whether you have a big family or love having lots of food stocked in, I would definitely recommend a Haier American fridge freezer. With a well-designed layout, smart tech that keeps food supermarket fresh and not to mention a huge capacity, it really has it all. Plus it seems to have been a really big hit with my family and close friends who have seen it so far.

    This product was gifted free of charge in exchange for @the_piplets's honest opinion.

    Images provided by @the_piplets