Kids artwork deserves a place on the wall of the family home. It gives them a sense of pride. Craft paper with torn edges, dripping with glitter, all over the house isn’t ideal though. This canvas painting is a nice tactile activity for the tiniest person in your house, that will look lovely on the wall too.


here's what you'll need...

  • A pre stretched canvas
  • Paper
  • Masking tape
  • Acrylic paint (this is a water based paint, but ensure each colour dye is non toxic.) Brushes Washi tape Painting apron and table cover


Here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Cut small pieces of masking tape in half length ways and stick on the canvas to create the bunting ribbon. Then cut out triangles of paper, and stick the edges down with masking tape, to create the bunting flags. This is to white out the area, so that when painted, this will be peeled off and the shape will be left white.


  • 2

    Now it’s time to paint. Cover your work space, and protect your child’s clothes with a painting apron. Acrylic is water based, but is almost impossible to remove from fabric, as it sticks like craft glue. Let your little one get messy! Finger paint, make hand prints, make marks with brushes, whatever they fancy. It’s tactile and fun.


  • 3

    Peel the masking tape and paper off to reveal the white bunting.


  • 4

    Using contrasting brightly coloured washi tape, decorate the bunting flags.


  • 5

    That’s it! Hang it on the wall for all to admire.

    Toddler Canvas Art-min

    Minnie loved getting messy with the paint. She did handprints and also attempted mark making with the brushes.


By Claire Dearing on 06.05.16

Guest Contributor

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  1. mr billy wilson says:

    Love to see kids play and go mad enjoying thereselfs,makeing a mess paper,paints,pencils,crayons ect,all over the place:-mrs not happy though,i say let them it can clean up! There happy face,s make me smile great love it, bring it on,costs a fortune when ice cream van comes but dont care if there happy.

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