We’ve been blessed with the most gorgeous sunshine this year. The days have been long, the nights have been balmy, and we’re feeling guilty for sitting indoors. Here at AO Life, we’ve teamed up with the wonderful Olivia from Lust Living to help give her garden the ultimate summer makeover. Perfect for enjoying movies in the great outdoors – without the guilt. Feel free to pick up some tips on how to create your own summer haven!

Home cinema setup on a garden deck with fairy lights

Something to consider when creating your perfect outdoor cinema set up, is how it will look during the day. A lot of top quality projectors deliver a perfect picture in any light, so you can feel free to watch your favourite films, even when the sun is high. Make your viewing seat as snuggly or as cool as you’d like. Pile on cushions and throws for a more luxurious experience.

Outdoor furniture with cosy cushions and throws

To replicate that stunning, private, high-class movie experience in your own back yard, you’re going to want to get posh with the snacks. Get some popcorn and marshmallows to nibble on through the screening – making sure they’re within easy reach. And though you may not be able to see the effect of a scented candle during the day, the beautiful smell is sure to add an extra soothing dimension to your time outdoors. That is of course if the soothing mood matches your movie.

Outdoor home cinema setup with a projector, popcorn and snacks

Before you really start, consider your projector and screen, you need to think about how you’re going to build the perfect ambience when the sun begins to set. The best way, we think is with subtle lighting. As you can see, Olivia has gone all out with these truly magical fairy lights. Place them strategically where you’ll need to be able to see (i.e. on the snack table) and also around the edges of your screen.

Outdoor cinema setup with a projector showing Cruel Intentions and decking covered in fairy lights

Now, all that’s left to do is set up your tech. Make sure the screen is the ideal distance from your furniture so that you get the best viewing experience possible. Olivia has this beautiful pergola in her space, which provides the ideal point for her screen. Make sure there’s enough space for the projector to cast a nice, big image. You’ll never want to watch anything indoors again!

Outdoor seating area in a decked garden which has been transformed into a home cinema with a large projector screen

When it comes to choosing the right projector, you need to look into their features. Try to go for the highest resolution possible. At a minimum, go for Full HD, and for the ultimate crystal clarity, go for 4K or WXGA. Also, the higher the contrast ratio, the better it’ll be for viewing in daytime, or with lights on. So, for an outdoor garden set up like this, you need to be in the region of 20000:1. Check out the number of HDMI input and USB ports it has too, so you can make it as easy as possible to set-up.

Optoma ML330 Projector WXGA in Gold in a outdoor home cinema setup

And there you have it! We transformed Olivia’s already radiant garden into something a little bit more special for the summertime. Be creative, pull out your throws, cushions and candles. Gather some snacks, gather some loved ones and press play. Enjoy the rest of this glorious summer, in style!


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The most beautiful garden makeover you’ve ever seen!
Article Name
The most beautiful garden makeover you’ve ever seen!
We’ve teamed up with Olivia from Lust Living to give her garden the ultimate home cinema makeover!

By Steph Robinson on 04.09.20

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