After weeks of suspense and speculation, Meghan and Harry have finally announced the arrival of their baby boy, Archie Harrison. To celebrate (in true patriotic spirit), AO have recreated the national anthem with a band of household appliances, AKA ‘white noise.’

For those who are unsure to what ‘white noise’ is, it is a combination of all sound frequencies which help mask other disruptive noises. The end result mimics a consistent womb-like sound, providing a soothing and comfortable environment to aid nap time.

Dave Gibson, sleep expert at The Sleep Site said:

“Traditionally nursery rhymes were the classic tactic to use to help get your newborn off to sleep. However, now, we have seen a huge increase in parents using white noise to help their little one sleep.

The white noise national anthem is the perfect pitch to ensure that other sounds that are liable to wake up the young Prince or Princess are masked, and Meghan and Harry can rest easy knowing the new royal won’t be disturbed.”

Over a third of parents are now favouring ‘white noise’ produced by household appliances over classic nursery rhymes. David Lawson, managing director of commented:

“We were surprised by the fact that classic nursery rhymes have now fallen out of favour with parents, and with a royal baby on the horizon, we wanted to give Meghan and Harry a helping hand when it comes to getting those vital hours of sleep.”

So without further ado, here’s AO’s ‘white noise’ national anthem to welcome the royal baby (and to avoid an extortionate electricity bill!):



By Becca Monaghan on 07.05.19

Guest Contributor

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