Who said pillow forts were just for kids? Transform your living room into a cosy sanctuary using mostly pillows and blankets. Perfect for hosting movie marathons, escaping from the world or reconnecting with your inner child. For the instructions, I have kept it as simple as possible, as each comfy construction will differ depending on the layout of your home.


Here's how it's done...

  • 1

    Place your TV on the floor as this will give you a focus point to build your den around. If your TV is on the wall, or if this is not possible, you can always cover up the walls surrounding your wall mounted TV (step 6 explains how. Or use a computer monitor.


  • 2

    Get your largest blanket and place this on the floor, whilst tucking it under the TV- you don’t want to place your TV on top of the duvet as this will probably make it topple over. It also helps to use a large thick duvet for the first layer as this will create a snuggly base for you to pile on other blankets.


  • 3

    Take some light-weight blankets and tie them together to make the ceiling of your pillow forte. The number of blankets you will need will depend on the area you want to cover.


  • 4

    Peel off the backing on your damage-free adhesive hooks and stick them to the walls on either side of your TV. In order to create a draping effect it helps to have a hook directly above the TV by approximately one metre.


  • 5

    Tie the ends of your blanket onto the hooks to create the ceiling. Depending on the style of blanket you have it may be easier to tie some string onto the ends of your blankets to secure it onto the hooks.


  • 6

    Now for the fun part- add as many blankets as you can to your fort. It also helps to cover up any blank walls using your damage-free adhesive strips in order to get that added cosy feel.


  • 7

    Add pillows- start by placing them around your TV with the largest ones covering the sides.


  • 8

    Let there be light. This step will instantly give you that snug pillow fort vibe. You can use any kind of lights; we have used rope lights and Edison bulb-style fairy lights.


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By Karishma Patel on 28.03.17

Guest Contributor

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