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    How To Childproof Your Tablet

    If you're worried about your kids using your tablet, these steps may put your mind at ease.

    If the kids are always pestering you to let you use your tablet you may want to take these steps first to make sure they’re safe online. Not only is there plenty of content out there that you don’t want them to see, you may also want to protect yourself from any accidental costs or your kids accessing your messages.

    Get (or make) a protective case

    Worried about putting your tablet in the grubby hands of your little ones? The disastrous possibilities are endless. Sure, it's easy to buy a childproof case, but why not make one? In fact, why not get their help making one? Learn how here

    Install a parental control app

    If you feel like you'd like more control over what your child can do on your tablet (blocking inappropriate content, games etc) then a parental control app may be the way to go. There are many apps for Android and iOS you can download to keep the kids safe online.

    Hide apps

    Feel free to hide all the apps you don't want your child to use or see. This could be for a number of reasons, from going through your important emails to seeing things you don't want them to see (Tinder for example). On an Android device, all you have to do is open the settings app, tap applications, tap applications manager and then the 'All' tab. Tap the apps you want to hide then tap disable. 


    For an iOS device, all you have to do is move all the apps you want to hide into a folder. Then move this folder into another folder. Now move this folder onto another screen.

    Change passwords to prevent purchases


    We've all heard the stories of kids downloading millions of apps which meant that parents had to foot the bill right? You need to protect yourself from these purchases so make sure you're asked for a password before any purhcases. On Android devices, both Google and Amazon have a parental control option under the settings menu which can be set to require password before purhcases. On a Kindle Fire, this is found under the other parental control options. On the iPad, it is automatically set to ask for your Apple ID password so just make sure this is secure.

    Install a child friendly web browser

    Also, as an extra safety precaution, why not install an alternative web browser? There are any number of child safe web browsers in Google Play and the Apple App Store you can use. Try Surfboard for kids and Kiddle.


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    Image source: Videosdebarraquito / The Spruce