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    Tried and Tested: Can a Samsung QLED TV Enhance Your Viewing Experience?

    What is Samsung QLED, and can it provide a better viewing experience in the comfort of your own home? We challenge @themultidad to put it to the test.

    The first thing you notice about this TV is just how good it looks! It has the ‘wow’ factor that’ll make your friends do a double take as soon as they enter the room.

    The borders of the TV and the TV itself are incredibly thin, which means it sits nicely against the wall when mounted or sat on the stand that’s included.

    When you turn the TV on, you see that the ‘wow’ factor is more than just superficial. I was particularly impressed with the readiness of the picture from the first use. We haven’t had a new television in seven years and remember having to spend quite a while playing around with contrast and colour back then, but this one was perfect from the get-go. It even has an ambient feature that auto adapts to the surroundings, so if the room is sunny it adjusts to make sure you can still see the screen clearly.

    It’s worth sharing that I’m useless with anything technical and I was able to get the TV set up in less than 20 minutes, mostly thanks to the excellent on-screen assistance that guides you through everything with ease.

    Our TV is undoubtedly the hub of the home, and as will be the case with lots of families; we spend quite a bit of time watching kids shows. Quite frankly, the kits were delighted to see Peppa, George and Daddy Pig coming to them sharper than ever on the TV screen.

    The thing that really impressed me was just how incredible the experience was when watching one of the other shows my kids love – Blue Planet. It blew us away just how real it all was. At one point, I think my twins thought the sharks were swimming in the room with us! I now realise what Samsung mean when they say ‘immersive technology’. Programmes like Blue Planet were made to be enjoyed on a QLED TV; the picture and sound create a mind-blowing, cinematic viewing experience.

    Another great way to experience how immersive the QLED TV can be is by watching a cooking show. How many times have you wanted to eat what’s on screen? Well, try watching MasterChef on this TV! It’s like it really is in front of you to eat. If that doesn’t inspire you to cook something amazing, then nothing will. I’m just worried the TV has set an unrealistic expectation in my mind for how good food should look.

    I’m often banished to a smaller TV in the other room when I want to watch sport, but with the QLED TV I think we’ll need some sort of booking system because the experience is now next level. I love the sense it gives me of being close to the action – especially with golf and cricket, which I enjoy the most.

    Both golf and cricket obviously have fast moving balls, so I was impressed while watching the recent coverage that there was no lagging or screen tracing that I’d experienced with previous televisions. The best way I can describe it is a ‘silky smooth’. It’s when you can see the detail in the blades of grass that you really feel like you’re at the sporting event and can contently sit back knowing that a QLED TV from Samsung was the right choice.

    The sound on the QLED TV didn’t disappoint either. It has ‘object tracking sound’ which is designed to follow the action on screen more effectively – it’s become a big part of sports viewing for me. Our previous TVs didn’t have great sound and it was really irritating because we never wanted a sound bar, but with the QLED TV we don’t have to crank the volume up to 50 anymore in order to hear what’s being said. Watching sport on this TV truly feels like an immersive experience. The sound output is enhanced thanks to the TV having ‘adaptive sound plus’ which improves the day-to-day dialogue in programmes like soaps by using the microphone that is built into the remote to optimise the TV speakers. It’s unbelievably clever!*

    As you can see from the pictures, our TV is positioned within an alcove, meaning not every spot in the lounge is the best seat in the house, but with the QLED TV it’s not a problem. Samsung’s Boundless Design gives you the best picture wherever you’re sat in the room as it’s crafted to look perfect from every angle. It’s great for big families like us or people who love to entertain around the TV.

    We aren’t a massive gaming family, but my 5-year-old, Finn, is starting to show an interest. This TV has a dedicated HDMI socket for gaming and our 55” inch version specifically comes with ‘real game enhancer plus’. ‘Real game enhancer plus’ is perfect for serious gamers as it reduces lag and help give you an advantage. It’s something I think Finn will take advantage more of in years to come, making this TV a great future proof model for us.

    In summary, we found this the Samsung QLED 80T, 55-inch TV to be a great all-rounder that ticks every box for our family. From movies to soaps, live sports and streaming – it brings a viewing experience full of colour, clarity and truly cinematic quality. I highly recommend it.

    *The Object Tracking Sound feature is only available on the Q80T model and above. Adaptive Sound + is only available on Q60/70/80 models.

    This product was gifted free of charge in exchange for @themultidad's honest opinion.

    Images supplied by @themultidad