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    Tried and Tested: Has Samsung come up with the perfect kit for working remotely?

    Working away from your desk can be a real pain. It sounds amazing, but then you realise all the kit is an effort to carry around, the battery lasts about 10 minutes and you can’t cope without your second screen. Sigh. But what if the dream could become reality?

    We asked Phil Parker, our Senior Digital Marketing Executive and product expert, to try out the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Tab S7 and the Galaxy Buds Pro. The laptop uses a powerful Intel® processor that makes it speedy and reliable, while the tablet comes with a stylus that’s perfect for making quick notes in meetings. Plus, the Buds mean your music can keep you company all day long. Is this trio the answer to our working on-the-go nightmare? Take it away Phil…

    When the weather’s on my side, I love to spend the morning working from the garden. And although that doesn’t seem very far from my house, my old laptop still managed to ruin the fun. Not only was it so slow, but the battery would run low and I always had to drag the charger along. Not anymore. The Galaxy Book Pro loaded everything up quickly – now I’m never late for my morning video calls. And I could leave all the chargers in the house, as the tablet and laptop lasted so long, I didn’t even need to worry.

    Throughout the morning the Galaxy Bud Pros were a godsend. They kept me company on my early morning stroll, and because they’re wireless, I didn’t have to waste time detangling them. They’ve got a microphone too, so I was able to use them for all of my calls. No one had any problem hearing me and they’re so much more comfortable than a full-on headset. Winner.

    The final test was taking them away for the night. I headed down to London for a meeting and decided to bring them along with me.

    Usually when it comes to working away, I can’t fit my laptop in my overnight bag, so I have to carry around a case for it as well (I know, an absolute nightmare). Well, this time I swapped the packhorse lifestyle for complete ease. Both the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Book Pro weighed less than my old model, and because they’re so thin, they hardly took up any room in the bag.

    When I stopped at the service station, I opened up the laptop to reply to a few emails and then relaxed over a coffee with a couple of videos. And I popped the buds in my ears, so I could enjoy my own company and tune out the family of four squabbling next to me. The power of noise cancelling technology.

    And once I checked into my room and connected to the internet, I was living the life. Although the hotel had a TV, it wasn’t a match for any of the films and shows I had downloaded on Netflix. So I ran myself a warm bath, grabbed the tablet and pressed play. With its stunning Quad HD screen, I got sucked into the action - I almost forgot I was becoming a human prune. And there was no low battery alerts. Bliss.

    The next morning, I set up the laptop and tablet on the desk in the room. With extend mode on the Galaxy Book Pro, I could turn the Galaxy Tab S7 into a second screen. I’m always going back and forth between Excel and my emails, but with this I didn’t have to flick between tabs once.

    For my meeting, I just took the tablet along. It had the storage for all the apps and files that I needed. Plus, it came with a stylus that was great for making notes, or even sketching the odd doodle when it got a bit boring (you know how it goes). And once it had finished, I could just click the Quick Share button to send all my ideas to my laptop. So, when I got back in the room I could finish off my notes. Easy.

    Overall, this trio is great for taking out and about.

    When I do head back into the office, these will be a lifesaver on the commute. I can see myself now: laptop open on my knee looking all professional. And although I’m no Picasso, the stylus and tablet would be perfect for art and design. Something that really did stand out is how light everything was. If you’re always travelling or working on-the-go, these are the upgrade you 100% need.