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    The Calculations Kit

    Perfect if you're studying: Maths, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Finance, Accounting

    We’ve put together the perfect starter kit for all the students starting a degree in the maths department at university this year. We also sit down with our Marketing Analyst, Minhaz, as he talks us through his best tips and tricks to schooling your degree.

    What to look out for...

    Samsung Galaxy Book 3

    Powerful and stylish, you don’t need to be great at maths to work out that this is a great laptop. The Samsung Galaxy Book LTE even has a number pad on the side, which is great for crunching numbers. And when you need to send a spreadsheet around, you can just click the Quick Share button. Job done.


    An extra monitor is great if you’re up to your neck in spreadsheets. Gone are the days of flicking between tabs – you can have your emails open on one screen while you’re working on numbers on the other.

    Wireless keyboard and mouse

    Accuracy is key! This wireless keyboard and mouse set is the perfect accessory for your monitor, because it does away with messy cables. It means you won’t need to bother with connections and ports, and get straight into the calculations.

    Microsoft 365 Home and Student

    The Microsoft 365 Home and Student bundle is an absolute must for anyone starting university, regardless of the degree. It includes all the classics - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – so you can complete all kinds of assignments, take lecture notes and so much more!


    The last thing you want is a security threat when you’ve got deadlines to hit. McAfee is super-efficient anti-virus software that offers total protection for PCs, Macs, Smartphones and Tablets. No matter what you’re studying, it’s important to keep your tech safe from viruses.

    Meet Minhaz, Marketing Analyst for AO

    Hi, my name is Minhaz and I currently work as a Marketing Analyst within the Commercial department at AO. I studied Mathematics at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

    I was a ‘first generation’ student (which simply means the first to go to university in my family) and I can say it’s the best thing I have done. The course enabled me to pursue my interests in numbers and has provided the foundations for my analytics career to date.

    Minhaz's Tips...

    There are many opportunities at university. Take the time to understand exactly what areas you’re strong in, it’ll help you decide on a career path after graduation. Plus, there are some Mathematics modules you’ll have to take to pursue certain careers.

    Find the balance between work and play. It is easy to become distracted when at university, so always take a minute to remember why you’re there. You don’t want regrets once it’s too late.

    Embrace further reading. Mathematics is a broad field that’s constantly evolving. Further reading outside of lectures is just as important as the lectures themselves.


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