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What devices can I use with an Apple HomePod

Take a look at what you can use with your Apple HomePod smart speaker.

As well as its amazing audio quality, there’s loads you can do with an Apple HomePod smart speaker. There's a whole host of smart devices and gadgets that you can control through the HomePod with a simple command. With our handy guide, we'll help you make the most of your fancy smart speaker.

Apple HomeKit

HomePods can use any device that work with Apple's HomeKit. This lets you control a whole host of smart gadgets from lightbulbs and doorbells to plugs and thermostats with a simple command, making your voice the on/off switch.

You can also set up 'scenes', which allow multiple devices to work at once with a single phrase. So you can tell your HomePod that it's 'bedtime' and it'll turn the lights off and lock the doors, or you can set the house to the perfect temperature and put some music on to unwind when you've 'finished work'.

Light up your life

By far the most colourful device you can use with your Apple HomePod, smart lightbulbs can create the perfect mood for your home. Whether you want to dim the lights for movie night or make a DIY dark room for some photography, you can do so with a simple command. Plus, with a lifespan of a few years, you won't have to fiddle about replacing them every few months. Now that's smart!

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Smart heating

Using a smart thermostat or radiator valve is perfect if you want more control over your home's heating. Whether you want to save a bit of money on your bills or just make sure you come home to a warm house, Apple's HomePod lets you set any temperature you want with a few simple words. You'll be able to lower the temperature as you're leaving for work, then make sure it's nice and warm when you get back.

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