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    Keeping Your Home Secure

    There’s a whole bunch of new, exciting tech available to help you feel confident that your house is as secure as possible. You can install everything from doorbells with cameras, to lights that automatically turn on and off.

    Safe and Warm

    Smart thermostats are great for keeping things cosy in the colder months. Some, like the 3rd generation of Nest thermostats, can actually learn your schedule and adapts with your family’s habits. Even if you’re away, the thermostat is off, or you have it set to Eco Temperatures, it will kick in by itself if it detects the temperature is too low. This can prevent freezing pipes, which can cause huge damage. No thanks!

    Smile, You’re On Camera

    One thing we’ve not mentioned in our smart home graphic is an indoor camera. They’re for much more than just keeping an eye on your pets whilst you’re at work. Indoor cameras can detect sound and motion that aren’t normal for your household. Like if your dog barks, or someone walks into the view of the camera.

    Burned the Toast Again?

    With Nest protect, you’re alerted straight away if smoke or carbon monoxide are detected in your home. You can be notified on your phone if you’re away from home too. If there’s only a small amount of smoke detected, like, when you burn the toast, you’re not given the full alarm. The unit itself can lasts up to 10 years, is self-testing and will differentiate between the steam from your shower and anything dangerous.

    Tell Them Where to Go!

    For the ultimate peace of mind, outdoor cameras see what you can’t when you’re away from home. Outdoor cameras and smart doorbells notify you when they believe there is someone there and send an alert your smart phone. You can even speak through your phone to be broadcast through the camera at home.