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How to play music on my Google Home

Find out how to play your favourite tunes and discover new stuff on your Google Home.

Your Google Home is packed with smart features that make your life easier using only your voice and it’s the same when it comes to playing music. It is a speaker after all; a really clever one at that. Ask it to play, pause, skip and turn-up all your favourites or let Google create a soundtrack based on your mood or whatever you're doing at home. Let’s get those tunes blasting!

Set default music service

It's a good idea to set your default music streaming service before you do anything else. That way, when you're asking for songs and playlists, your chosen service will be used first. Here's how to do it in 3 simple steps:

  • Open the Google Home app and verify that the Google Account listed is the one that's linked your Google Home speaker. If not, just change the account by clicking the triangle next to the account name.
  • Next, tap ‘Music’ and select your default service from the list by tapping the radio button next to your choice. You can use Spotify, Google Play Music or Deezer.
  • Your Google Play Music account will be automatically linked. For Spotify, tap 'LINK' and then sign in to your Spotify account. To unlink, just press 'UNLINK.

Control music with your voice

Now you're ready to start letting your voice be the DJ. With a little help from your Google Home, obviously. Just say "Ok Google" or "Hey Google," then ask it to play your choice of artist, album, genre of music or even something based on your mood or activity. You’re then free to ask the device to shuffle, pause, play, stop or skip as you please. If you're loving what the Google Home is mixing for you, you can even ask what it's playing. You'll be a music whizz in no time. Thanks, Google.

Control music on the Google Home app

Not in shouting distance? As long as you're connected to the same Wi-Fi as the speaker, you can play your tunes from the Google Home app. Just open it up and in the top right corner, tap 'Devices', find the little box for your Google Home and take control anywhere in the house.

Control music on the Google Home device

If you're stood near the speaker, give your hands a little workout and press some buttons:

  • Play, pause, stop alarm - tap the play/pause button on top of the device
  • Pump up the volume - swipe clockwise on top of the speaker
  • Turn it down! - swipe counterclockwise on top of the speaker

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