When I was planning my wedding earlier this year, I was collecting lots of jam jars to use for my flowers. I ended up with lots of leftover lids from the jars, but couldn’t bring myself to throw them away as I knew there must be a crafty project for them somewhere.

This project is inspired by the giant paper confetti that I’ve seen a lot recently. I’ve seen it either stuck to walls in random patterns or turned in garlands (see our paper disc garland tutorial here!).

The circular shapes of the jar lids reminded me of this, and the advantage of this garland over the paper version is that it can also be used outside!


here's what you'll need...

  • A selection of jar jar lids
  • 3-4 different colours of Plastikote spray paint (or any spray paint suitable for metal)
  • A gimlet tool
  • Bakers twine or string
  • Darning needle
  • Washi tape (optional)

Jam Jar garland materials

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hee's how it's done...

  • 1

    Make sure all your jam jars lids are clean and dry. Use your gimlet tool to punch 2 holes through each lid, one at each side near the top of the circle. You might want to use a cutting mat or something similar to protect the surface underneath.


  • 2

    Spray your lids in different colours using Plastikote spray paint. It’’s best to do this outside if you can, protecting the surface with newspaper. At least 2 coats is best. Make sure to spray the sides of the lids too. Leave to dry.


  • 3

    Once your lids are dry, lay them out and work out the order you want them in your garland, mixing the colours and sizes.


  • 4

    Using your darning needle, thread your string, and then feed it through the first lid, front to back, then back through to front. Feed the string right through to the full length needed to fit all of your lids on, leaving enough at the end for hanging.


    Tie a knot at each hole you have threaded through to keep the lid in place and stop them sliding along the string.

  • 5

    Once all your lids are threaded on, you can decorate the lids with washi tape if you wish, or leave them plain.


  • 6

    Hang your garland!


    It’’s a really simple way to add colour to a room or outside space. Match to your colour scheme and experiment with the decorative details too!

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By Caroline Rowland on 01.10.13

Guest Contributor

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