The Spring Clean is upon us once more so we’ve put together the ultimate checklist to help you tidy your house from top to bottom.

The big clean is often a daunting task, so to make it easier we’’ve split it up into 30 simple jobs; tackle one of them each day and you’’ll have the whole house spotless by the time you finish. We’’ve even given you a printable version of the checklist, so you can tick the jobs off as you complete them. To get a copy click here (opens in a new window).

As well as that, come back every day for a different tip to help make your cleaning easier!


Thanks to everyone who submitted tips! Tip credits below.

Day 2 / Day 12 / Day 13 / Day 16 / Day 20 / Day 21 / Day 22


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Amy Marsden

By Amy Marsden on 27.03.16

Guest Contributor

6 responses to “The Dirty 30 – With Free Printable!”

  1. user9101e says:

    What a good idea. Any help I can get to motivate me into getting down to the spring clean can only be good! I’ll start this tomorrow. Wish me luck

  2. Gemma says:

    Love this!
    Use salt and kitchen roll to scrub any burnt on patches off the bottom of casserole pans or iron cookware.

  3. Tracey says:

    It’s good to have good ideas on cleaning because sometimes u carnt get stuff clean

  4. Rita Randell says:

    Always used these on my windows and glass tables,.so quick and easy

  5. Heather bamford says:

    I live all your tips

  6. Pauline Charlesworth says:

    I’m never too old to pick up new tips, so I’ve put it in my memory box,although I’m 78.

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