Oh, the great British summer. What a rollercoaster ride it has been over the past few weeks. It all started so promising with the temperatures soaring and the sun shining for what seemed (even if that’s something of an exaggeration) like weeks on end. And then the school holidays started and with that came the rain. And wind. And grey skies. What happened to actual summer???

It’s this kind of unpredictable weather that also makes it hard to plan outdoor activities. Even setting up an afternoon or evening of fun can be tricky because by the time our guests have RSVP’d, the weather might have taken a turn for the worse. And of course we have restless children at home who might have envisaged their summer holiday to be a little more fun…

So, we need to come up with something that will entertain the kids and be suitably fun whilst keeping them dry and away from torrential rainfalls. A den. A cosy den where they can enjoy their favourite movie and a little bit of escapism from the reality of a wet summer.

A den with sheets can be “built” anywhere in the home where there’s no through-traffic (i.e. nobody needs to walk through that part of the room on a regular basis) and where a room is possibly fairly narrow. You will need some self-adhesive hooks, some parcel string, scissors, sheets (one needs to be white) and cushions, blankets and cuddly toys. You can check out this post for the basic instructions.

Since an actual tv in a den with kids isn’t exactly a great idea because of all the wiring etc, using a projector that it controlled by a parent and is located outside the actual den makes far more sense.

This is where you will need a white sheet at the back of the den: as a movie screen. Stretching two lengths of string (around 1.5m apart) from one wall to the opposite one will give you the basic “frame” to hang sheets from.

Drape one large sheet over both strings as a “ceiling” and use some pegs to secure the “side walls”



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By Carole Poirot on 31.07.17

Guest Contributor

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