If you’ve got a Sony or Samsung smart TV, or a Sony Blu-ray player, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to download PlayStation Now and turn your TV into a powerful gaming device capable of playing a huge selection of PlayStation 3 titles.

Before you get started though, there are a few things you need to know in order to make sure your PlayStation Now experience is as smooth as can be. Here’s the low-down.



Don’t forget to sign up

Once you’’ve downloaded the PlayStation Now app, you’’ll need to sign into your Sony Entertainment Network account to get to the good stuff.

“If you haven’t already, you’ll need to create an account. You may already know that, but instead of spending an eternity creating an account using your TV remote, why not just click here and get started right now.

Cut out the middle man and save yourself some time. Honestly, you’’ll thank us later

Speed is of the essence

To get the most out of your PlayStation Now subscription and, more importantly, make sure the games run as smoothly as possible, you’’ll need to make sure your internet connection is up to scratch.

Sony recommends a connection speed of 5Mbps or greater, and suggests you use a wired connection. You might want to visit speedtest.net to find out whether your connection has what it takes.

Just follow the link and hit the big green button.

A DualShocking development

Now, unless you already own a PlayStation 3 or 4, you’’ll need to go out and pick up a DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 controller.

If you have a Sony TV that hit the shelves in 2014, you’’ll find that it’’s compatible with both the DualShock 3 and 4. If, however, you bought your Sony TV this year,– that’’s 2015 if you’’re reading this from the far flung future, or you happen to own a Samsung Smart TV you’’ll need a DualShock 4.

The controllers will be synced up using bluetooth. I know, it’’s scary stuff, but you can find the answers to all of your questions and more over on the PlayStation forums.

Try before you buy

 Now, don’’t get me wrong, I love video games as much as the next person, but unless you know that the service is definitely something you want to invest in, you should definitely take up Sony on its free 7-Day PlayStation Now trial.

That way, you can sample the likes of ICO, inFamous, The Last of Us, BioShock, and the entire Uncharted trilogy like the fine wines they are before you commit long-term.

You know the honeymoon period in a relationship? This is a bit like that, except you can choose to extend it.

Image Sources: Playstation blog

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By Chris Kerr on 01.12.15

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