Based on a 40 hour week, an average person can clock up 90,360 hours of work in their lifetime. That’s a lot of graft! Well, now’s your chance to become less of an ‘average person’ and start becoming more efficient and more effective at work. Whether you’re in an office, outside facing the elements, or out on the road – smart technology is going to help you claim some of those precious hours back.


Avoid traffic

There are few things that frustrate us more in life than sitting in traffic. Being late for work sets us up for a bad day; we carry the stress of the morning with us into the afternoon, and this is terrible for our productivity (and our work relationships!)

With Google Home you can find out exactly how long it’s going to take you to get to the office each morning. So, on those days where there’s gridlock waiting for you ten minutes into your drive, you’ll be prepared enough to find an alternative route, or just simply relax at home with a coffee till the way is clear.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker in Chalk with Google maps in the background

Keep up with your appointments, anywhere

Hook up your Google calendar to Google Home and you’ll have instant access to every appointment you’ll ever make. Ever asked your partner or kids not to let you forget to do XY and Z?

Now you can tell Google assistant when your appointments are exactly as they arise, and then have access to them through your phone at any time. You can even get reminders sent to you directly, so there’ll be no more excuses for missing those 9am meetings (unfortunately)…

Google Calendar on an iPhone next to a Google Home Smart Speaker


Productivity is hindered by stress. Stress comes from our everyday challenges – and is sometimes okay, but too much of it can be bad for our performance. We try to do too much, we rush through tasks, we feel negative.

If you ask your Google Home to “practise mindfulness”, it’ll kick in a 2 minute, relaxing mindfulness session that helps to clear your mind and remove stress and tension from your body. Afterwards, you’ll be much better prepared for handing your workload.

If you don’t fancy tuning into mindfulness sessions, you can simply ask Google to play you some relaxing ambient music.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker in Chalk on a coffee table

Make that Call

That’s right! Google Home can now make phone calls for you. You can hook up your contacts list, or contact millions of businesses straight away. If you’ve got your hands full, this is a great way to make a call, without carrying your phone around with you.

Google Home Smart Speaker on a desk with a MacBook

Conversions, definitions and facts

There are a whole host of questions you can ask your Google Home, including what certain words mean, or what the present currency exchange rates are like. Stuff like this comes up frequently in our daily lives, and your Google assistant can prove invaluable when we need something answering quickly.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker in Chalk with Apple earphones



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Improve Your Productivity in Work – The Smart Way
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Improve Your Productivity in Work – The Smart Way
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By Steph Robinson on 16.04.18

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