It hardly feels like Christmas is over, but it’’s almost Easter already! Easter’’s a funny holiday. For some, it’’s obviously the major event in the religious calendar, for others it’’s a vaguely pastel-coloured chocolate fest.

Because it hasn’’t gained the same secular following that Christmas has, for many it’’s actually a more flexible holiday, with none of the binding obligations to spend a week sleeping on a futon in the family home. It’’s an opportunity for people who aren’’t normally the hosts to do a bit of entertaining, maybe for stray family members or a group of friends.

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But how do you pull together an Easter dinner if, –like many renters, –you live in a small flat? It can be done! Here are some ideas for entertaining in a teeny space, with some thrifty décor tips and ideas for canny catering.

First off, it’’s probably best to dispense with any notions of what a dinner party should be like. There’’s no point squeezing everyone round a table for the sake of conformity if it’’s just going to make for an uncomfortable meal.

A buffet is an obvious solution. Lay all the food out on whatever surfaces you have and let everyone serve themselves. Since people will be standing or sitting around with no table, you’ll want to serve things that don’’t need a lot of cutlery work to deal with. Food you can eat with your fingers or stick a fork in is ideal.

And why not take the concept one step further (or lower) and set up an indoor picnic?


Everyone’’s been to a buffet, but your dinner party will stand out as something special with this idea. Put a pretty blanket on the floor, lay out your plates, napkins, glasses and whatever cushions and pillows you might have for comfortable seating. A delicious lamb shoulder salad with pitta breads is a picnic-style take on the traditional Easter roast lamb.


For decoration you could go classic Easter with bunches of daffodils in jars (as far as I’’m concerned you can never have too many daffodils)…


…or even a gorgeous centrepiece of blossom covered branches in a large vase. I’’ve embellished this one with little decorative birds and nests I found on eBay.


I’’m all for using wild flowers and blossom in decorating. It’’s very thrifty and couldn’’t be prettier.

Alternatively, you could go for a Moroccan or roman theme, since everyone’’s reclining gracefully(!) – is a toga dress code too much?

So, don’’t be put off hosting just because you can’’t swing a cat in your place, an indoor picnic is fun and relaxed. With Easter being so late this year it might even be warm enough to move the whole feast outside for a real picnic….

Do you have any tips for entertaining in a small space? Will you be hosting this Easter? Let us know in the comments!


By Alex Outhwaite on 10.04.14

Guest Contributor

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