So, I’d like to point out one thing upfront: envelopes aren’t usually on top of my “wow, I have to buy these” list. They tend to come under “where are they? I know they’re somewhere” whenever I need one and then I forget about them. However, when I saw a pack of small “wage envelopes”, I really wanted to do something with them. Since I don’t have any employees that would need paying their wages (and if I did it really wouldn’t be in an envelope) with them, I came up with something a little more fun. An Advent Calendar Tree. Yes, all because I found these little envelopes…



Here's what you'll need

  • one big branch, found in forests (on the ground), some florists or flower market
  • 24 wage envelopes (sold in packs of 50, so you’re in luck if you have two kids)
  • gold and/or silver marker pen(s)
  • parcel string
  • scissors
  • one-hole hole punch, though a normal one will also do
  • small ornaments for decorationAdvent Tree Materials

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Advent Tree 1

Advent Tree 2


Have you seen...

  • 1

    Draw the numbers 1 – 24, one on each envelope.

    If you want to, add some stars around the numbers

    Advent Tree Step 1

  • 2

    Close the envelope lightly so that it doesn’t stick. Punch a hole into the top of the envelope.

    Advent Tree Step 4

  • 3

    Open it and fill with goodies. Close the envelope. Cut a piece of string (roughly 15-20cm), fold it in half and pass it through the hole.

    Advent Tree Step 5

  • 4

    Pass the two ends through the loop and then tie a knot into the ends. Hang all the envelopes randomly on the branch(es) and decorate with small ornaments.


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Have you seen...

I’m pretty certain that this kind of Advent Calendar is not just suitable for children, but that adults will like it too. Besides, it makes for a pretty nice piece of decoration, don’t you think?


By Carole Poirot on 21.11.16

Guest Contributor

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