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    Dishwasher Cleaning Mistakes

    Dishes not coming out completely clean? Discover the extremely common dishwasher mistakes you're probably making!

    I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly no expert when it comes to loading a dishwasher. Previously, I’ve just tried to stick the dishes in whatever way they fit and hoped for the best. I do admit, the dishes sometimes came out looking like they could do with another rinse and I always blamed the quality of the detergent or dishwasher. Never, my stacking skills of course. Over the years, I’ve come to learn that the way you load your dishwasher has a massive impact on, the longevity of your dishes and the quality of the clean. Here are the mistakes you’re probably making.

    Rinsing plates before loading



    Pre-rinsing means that there isn’t any food for the dishwasher detergent to attack so it can go after the glasses and make them cloudy. Who knew detergent was so clever?

    Not using rinse aid with hard water



    Hard water leaves a cloudy white residue on your glasses and silverware. This is due to the salts that are left behind once the water evaporates. Rinse aid will help tackle this problem.

    Non-stick pots and pans



    Putting your non-stick pots and pans in the dishwasher will make them lose that non-stick element.

    Sharp knives



    Don’t put your sharp knives in the dishwasher. The blades will eventually go dull.

    Glasses placed over the lines



    Glasses are to go between the lines in the dishwasher not over the lines.

    Gold-coloured flatware



    Never place gold-coloured flatware in your dishwasher. It will eventually discolour and lose it’s shine.

    Loading all spoons and forks the same way up



    Load spoons and forks with some handles up and some down so they don’t nest and they all get washed evenly.

    Dishes facing the centre sprayer



    Dishes should face towards the centre sprayer. So simple.

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