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    Keep It Smelling Fresh: Washing Machine

    Find out how to keep your washing machine smelling fresh washing machine clean and free of bad odours by following these four simple steps!

    "Ever opened the door to your  washing machine and found a damp and musty smell? This is because damp conditions inside your machine are the perfect breeding ground for mould and other forms of bacteria. There are a number of ways you can prevent unpleasant smells from hanging around in your utility room and here’s how to treat them."

    Clean the drum

    Set the machine to a hot cycle and add a cup of bicarbonate of soda & vinegar to the drum. The mixture will help clean your drum.

    Leaving your machine door open slightly after each wash allows air to circulate the drum. This helps to stop germs breeding and reduces any unwanted scents.


    Clean the detergent drawer

    If your detergent tray gets clogged up over time, your clothes won’t get cleaned properly. Remove your detergent tray and wash with warm water, mild soap and a bristle brush. Rinse and allow to dry before popping the drawer back in the machine.


    Clean the door seal

    The seal on your washing machine door is easily forgotten about when it comes to keeping your appliance clean. The door seal is the place detergent and dirt can easily hide. If this is left to build up, it can easily turn into mould and produce all kinds of hideous smells. Get into the habit of wiping down the door seal with a damp cloth after each wash. This also means your clothes won’t pick up dirt.


    Hard water and limescale

    If you live in a hard water area, you may need to watch out for limescale build up over time. Use citric acid instead of soda crystals and run an empty hot wash cycle to remove limescale. Limescale build up means higher energy bills and can cause corrosion to the heating element. This shortens the life of your machine.



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