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    Spring Cleaning - Keep Germs At Bay With Your Steam Cleaner

    Sit back as we delve into ten ways to keep germs at bay with your steam cleaner!

    "Steam cleaners make a quick and effective job of blitzing bacteria and keeping homes clean, safe and germ-free!"

    The power of steam cleaners goes beyond generic areas. By requiring nothing but water from your tap, steam is created to kill unwanted germs without the need to reach for chemicals and detergents.

    Sit back as we delve into ten ways to keep germs at bay with your steam cleaner. (Don't use on painted walls or antiques, or use hard water. Opt for distilled in your steam cleaner.)

    Sanitising door handles and light switches


    Cleaning door handles and light switches are often neglected during spring clean season which means they can harbour a lot of germs. Your steam cleaner is a quick and effective way to disinfect these areas as they work at high temperatures to kill off unwanted bacteria.

    Clean wired pet cages


    Cleaning your pets’ cages can be a hassle… Taking them outdoors and hosing them down with chemicals that can be harmful for your animals. Instead, your steamer can disinfect the entire cage by using the small attachment for the wiring and the larger attachment for the base.

    Clean toilets and disinfect surrounding areas


    Sprucing up your bathroom requires a tedious combination of scrubbing, chemicals and a lot of effort. Your steamer can eliminate the germs and the stress from cleaning your toilet and surrounding areas.

    Clean the ins and outs of your kitchen


    If you are looking to breakdown grease and eliminate harmful bacteria in the kitchen, a steamer will help sanitise all areas including floors and cabinets!

    Steam wrinkles out of clothes


    There’s no surprise it’s becoming increasingly popular to steam your clothes. Not only will your streamer free your favourite clothes from creases but it will also kill bacteria.

    Clean/disinfect toys


    Babies and young children love to chew on things – especially their brightly coloured animated toys! As a result, it’s important to not only keep them sanitised but to avoid any harsh chemicals in the process. This is where your steamer saves the day killing up to 99% of bacteria.

    Disinfect your bins


    Bins are a hotspot for odours, mold and the build up of bacteria. While a good old fashioned deep clean does the job, your steamer has the same effect and can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

    Deep clean your appliances


    The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house so there’s no surprise it can harbour many germs and bacteria if not cleaned thoroughly. Whether it’s your oven, your dishwasher or fridge, your steam cleaner can help you sparkle your kitchen to safety.

    Clean carpets and rugs


    Whether it’s lifting grime or removing stubborn stains, your steam cleaner turns cleaning your floor into light work!

    Disinfect pet beds


    Pet-safe and toxic-free, refreshing your pet’s bed through steaming will ward off all unwanted bacteria.

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