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    Tried and Tested: Can Hisense Make Manually Defrosting Your Fridge Freezer a Thing of the Past?

    I only ever buy an appliance to replace my archaic models when they’ve outdone the test of time and ended up breaking.

    This time, it was different.

    I’d only owned my second-hand fridge freezer for less than a year and everything was fully functioning. There was just one issue that became increasingly frustrating… Over frosting!

    As an avid believer in minimising waste, my fridge freezer is my trusted tool in the crusade against food waste. I actively do my bit by meal prepping, freezing leftovers and sticking to essential groceries that will get eaten. However, the build-up of frost and ice was making this more and more challenging as it started invading valuable space where I needed to store my food. The amount of food it ruined (sometimes, just a day or so later after purchasing) meant I had to fork out for another food shop and defrost for what felt like the 100th time.

    Within 3 months, the ice build-up gotten so bad that the fridge door wouldn’t close! This rapidly became more frequent and eventually a burden to my days off. It forced me to spend around 3-4 hours religiously following the same routine to manually defrost.

    1. Turn the fridge freezer off
    2. Remove all the food and place in freezer bags
    3. Take the drawers out to be washed with warm soapy water
    4. Place several bowls of boiling water in the fridge freezer to allow the steam to melt the ice
    5. Surround the floor and at the bottom of the fridge freezer with towels to absorb the water (these will need wringing multiple times)
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all ice is melted
    7. Wipe down all surfaces and seals to ensure they are clean
    8. Turn the fridge freezer back on and allow it to reach a suitable temperature before placing the food back in

    Manually defrosting is now a thing of the past thanks to the Hisense American Multi-Door fridge freezer! Its Total No Frost technology means the vents circulate cold air around the fridge freezer to maintain an even temperature and prevent any ice build-up. Not only does it keep food in great condition to prevent food wastage, but it also allows me to do more of the things I love as I no longer spend hours manually defrosting.

    Initially, I was a little confused about the difference between Total No Frost technology and Frost Free. It turns out that Frost Free refers to prevention of ice build-up in just the freezer compartment whereas Total No Frost means there won’t be any frost in your fridge or freezer, win-win!

    It also boasts space - with its capacity to hold 23 bags of groceries - and practicality, with the easy to fill built-in water dispenser. The price point also stood out as some American fridge freezers can be upwards of £1,000.00!

    So, for anyone planning to upgrade their fridge freezer, my advice would be to definitely consider a model that makes manually defrosting a distant memory. We all know it feels like the bane of your life and when it’s happened once, the likelihood is it will become more frequent. If you’re going to upgrade, you may as well go Total No Frost!

    This product was gifted free of charge in exchange for @headup_gorgeous' honest opinion.

    Images by @headup_gorgeous