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    Tried and Tested: Can Hotpoint’s Active Oxygen tech put a stop to those mid-week supermarket dashes?

    So you’ve done the big shop on Sunday, but come Wednesday, you’re venturing back out to refresh your fridge freezer’s veggie drawer. Stuff’s either gone soggy, or you deliberately bought less because you knew it wouldn’t last. Sound familiar? With Hotpoint’s Active Oxygen models, you can forget that rigmarole. We asked Kerry from @renovation_44 to try one out, and to see if it helped reduce her supermarket visits. Let’s go, Kerry.

    Where do I start?! First of all, I'm a working mum with two little ones that have bottomless pits for tummies. No seriously, “I'm hungry” is definitely the most used phrase in our house.

    I always find myself having to visit the supermarket two, maybe three times a week. And if I'm working during the week, the food inside the fridge will sometimes just sit there and lose its freshness. It’s very rare that things are eaten within the recommended couple of days. Because I’d love to start reducing some of this food waste, I took to the internet in search of a new fridge freezer that could help us do exactly that (and save us some money). I’m excited to see if a Hotpoint Active Oxygen model can do the trick.  

    Would you mind telling us a bit about what your first impressions were of the Hotpoint fridge freezer that we sent you?

    Of course. When it was first delivered, I was quite shocked to see how tall it was. I liked its sleek design and I couldn't believe how much space it had inside. I fell in love with the shelves too, because they just glide out and give you easy access to all your foods. Such a clever idea that I didn’t even know existed in fridges.

    The model that we sent you came with Active Oxygen, could you tell us how it works?

    So the reason that I really wanted this fridge freezer was because it had Active Oxygen technology. There’s basically a little box at the top of the fridge, which releases tri-oxygen molecules. These move around to reduce odours and bacteria growth. And in return, it helps to keep groceries a lot fresher and the fridge itself much cleaner. I was excited to see if it actually worked.

    So what did you think? Did it keep your food fresher for longer?

    It really did. Once I’d set the fridge’s temperature, I couldn’t help but notice how cold it was every time I opened the door. Not only did all my fruits and veggies stay fresh, but they kept their vibrant colours and crunchiness too. I was quite shocked to be honest with you – my previous fridge freezer didn’t do this, and my foods lasted 3 days at a push. With this one, they still tasted gorgeous after seven!

    That's great to hear, and a massive difference! What did you think about its other features?

    I love knowing that I’ll never have to manually defrost another freezer again. The frost free tech is brilliant and stops ice building up everywhere. Hotpoint really know what people want. I can also fit up to 20 (yes, 20) bags of food at once, and as a family of four, that’s honestly music to my ears.

    Amazing. And finally, what did you think of the fridge freezer as a whole? Did you manage to cut down those mid-week supermarket trips?

    I absolutely adore this fridge freezer, and I can’t believe how many clever features one appliance can have. It’s perfect for keeping food fresh and reducing food waste, which I’m really conscious about. I’m so happy to call this product ours – it’s ticked everything off my list. And yes, it’s definitely reduced my supermarket trips. I am one happy Mummy! 

    @renovation_44 is using the Hotpoint Active Oxygen fridge freezer

    This article includes a conversation between our product expert and @renovation_44, and has been written up by our copywriter.