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    Quick & Easy Scones

    Minutes to make with ingredients you probably already have!


    6 people

    Prep Time

    10 minutes

    Cooking Time

    12-15 minutes

    The BEST thing about this recipe is how fast and easy it is to make. Easy enough to get your little helpers to join in if you like. Even better, you probably already have all the ingredients to make these in your cupboards right now.

    They take ten minutes to make – think of it – in next to no time and without having to go to the supermarket you could have a full tray of freshly baked scones!

    Ready? 3…2…1 start the clock!

    What you'll need...

    • 230g of self raising flour
    • A pinch of salt
    • 65g of butter
    • 20g of caster sugar
    • 150ml of milk and
    • 1 beaten egg to glaze (you can use a little more milk if you like).
    • Half a cup of raisins
    • A tea spoon of cinnamon or nutmeg

    Step 1

    Preheat your oven! 220c/gas mark 7

    Mix the salt and flour together then add the cinnamon.

    Step 2

    Add the butter and rub it into the flour. Really try to make sure all the butter has been mixed into every part of the flour. Add the milk, sugar and raisins and mix well into sticky dough.

    Step 3

    On a floured surface gently knead the dough into a flat shape (about an inch or so thick) and then cut up into triangles for a bit of a tear and share look. If you actually have the scone cutters you can use them (you posh person you).

    Step 4

    Add to a tray lined with baking paper (or foil at a pinch) and glaze with the beaten egg (or milk). Add to the oven and wait an agonizing 10 minutes while your kitchen fills with the smell of fresh baking.

    Step 5

    Lavish with clotted cream and jam and enjoy!