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    Tried and Tested: Can a dishwasher clean more than what it says on the tin?

    A little research goes a long way. Discover if your dishwasher can wash more than just dishes.

    Snot, dribble, baby sick or sticky handprints. In this house, mostly everything is always covered with various substances and nothing more so than toys. So, I was really interested to see if our new dishwasher (Series 6 Bosch PerfectDry) could go beyond generic dirty dishes and help with cleaning the more unconventional items around the house.

    With a little research, we discovered that we could disinfect the mountain of plastic toys the boys have that harbour god knows what bacteria!

    As a parent, there are a range of features within this dishwasher that make my life so much easier. From forgetting to wash the baby’s bottles to running out of cups just as visitors arrive, the rapid 29-minute wash is an absolute lifesaver.

    There’s also a handy silent setting that, despite taking longer, is unbelievably quiet. No more noisy dishwasher through the night keeping you awake or disturbing you while you’re trying to watch tv… bonus!

    I need to add at this point, my toddler’s favourite feature has to be the light projector timer. The cycle time remaining is projected onto the floor, I mean seriously how cool is that? My toddler thinks it’s magic and my age definitely came to light when I found myself excitedly sending people pictures of this feature.

    Funny still, the just as excited responses I got back! I love the fact that I can also put toys in the dishwasher and have thrown everything in there that wasn’t wooden, fabric or battery operated. I even put the bath toy in there because… How do they always get so gross?

    The dishwasher itself is large and spacious which is ideal when you are a mum of two kids and a dog, I see my dishwasher more than I see my husband. With a cutlery drawer located at the top of the dishwasher, it means larger items fit easier within the lower main section because it seems no one likes washing up pots and pans in this house!

    Our previous dishwasher struggled to dry things properly so unless we left it to air dry, the kitchen floor always ended up soaking wet when unloading it all. I felt like it was taking away from the ease of a dishwasher.

    Unique to Bosch, the PerfectDry dishwasher does that exactly. It has Zeolith technology which uses natural minerals to help dry the load not only economically but efficiently too… interesting stuff! This clever function means that everything comes out dry; even the children’s plastic utensils.

    Our previous dishwasher also failed to clean everything, I mean have you realised that dried Weetabix becomes cement? With 14 different settings to choose from, I haven’t had any item come out anything other than sparkling.

    Not only does a dishwasher make my life as a parent easier, quicker and cleaner, it also means I’m less likely to be infected by my children. All I need now is for someone other than me to learn how to load it… AO do you sell those?!

    This product was gifted free of charge in exchange for an honest opinion.