Sometimes we need a little bit of a change. It doesn’’t have to be anything big, but acknowledging festivities or the seasons and changing some of our décor is something that can keep our home feeling alive. We all decorate a little (or a lot) for Christmas or Easter, so why not for Winter or Summer?

As mentioned above, these changes don’’t have to be big. I’’m not talking about repainting walls or changing the curtains, but tiny little touches that can transform the feel of a room and –give a friendly nod to the current season. So, while our thoughts turn to lighter food in the summer, why not brighten up the kitchen, too.

Here are five little things you can do that won’’t cost the earth, don’’t require major renovation work and won’’t change the overall look of your kitchen; but will refresh it a little for these sunny days.

Summer Kitchen Refresh Post 1

Get some pretty new tea towels. Yes, tea towels (no matter how careful we are and how often we wash them) do tend to get a little grubby over time. As with most of these tips, they might sound a little silly at first, but it’’s the small touches that usually make a big difference and some fresh and colourful new tea towels will go some way towards it.

Summer Kitchen Refresh Post 2

Change your washing up brushes, sponges and cloths and maybe even get some pretty products in that are worthy of being displayed. Grouped together, even the most boring items can look nice when they’’re clean and new.

Summer Kitchen Refresh Post 3

For a bit of summery and cheerful colour, how about some pots and pans in pretty pastels and plates with a nice pattern in fresh colours? You can of course also use stronger colours, but there’’s something about pale pastels that is reminiscent of that hazy sunshine that is so often prevalent during the summer months. Crockery with pastel patterns is something often found in the south of France or in Italy, so will immediately invoke that leisurely holiday feel.

Summer Kitchen Refresh Post 4

A little bit of green will always freshen up a space and that also goes for the kitchen. Not just any green though. Herbs displayed in pretty terracotta pots will not only add that bit of greenery, but are also useful for cooking.

Summer Kitchen Refresh Post 5

Last but not least, baskets and woven rugs. Both just scream Mediterranean living and are also practical. A colourful woven rug on a dark kitchen floor will give it an immediate lift and can generally just be chucked into the washing machine when needed. Baskets are hugely practical for keeping fruit and veg and, in my opinion, look more summery than pretty much anything else.

So, I hope you like these little tips. As I said, they’’re not huge changes, but they’’re small details that will make your kitchen seem just that little bit more sunny.


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By Carole Poirot on 20.07.15

Guest Contributor

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