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American Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

American fridge freezers are a popular choice because of their size and range of features. Our guide will walk you through everything from the different types and the best features to look out for. So, when you come to choosing, you’ll know exactly what you’re after.

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Choose your width

Did you know?

 Because American fridge freezers are a lot wider than standard fridge freezers, it’s a good idea to check you have enough space in your kitchen to house one before you buy. See our handy measurement guide for more help and advice.

Choose your door configuration


Also known as side by side, this is your most common type of American fridge freezer. It comes with both an upright fridge and freezer compartment.


The three-door set up, or the French door, has a double door fridge compartment at the top with a freezer drawer at the bottom. This layout means you have easier access to your fridge space, which you’ll most likely use more.


The four-door set up has a large double door fridge at the top, and a slightly smaller double door freezer at the bottom. Again, similar to the three-door design, you’ll get easy access to the large fridge compartment for all that lovely fresh food.

Shop multidoor

What capacity should I get?

American fridge freezers are BIG, meaning you can pack a whole lot of shopping in. Standard models have around 500 to 600 litres of storage which is more than enough space for a family of four. If you want to go even bigger, then a model with a 700-litre storage can hold around 40 bags of shopping.

Key Features

Built-in camera

Some American fridge freezers come with built-in cameras so you can see what you have at home when you’re at the shop. The camera will take regular pictures of what’s inside your fridge and send them directly to your smartphone through an accompanying app. So, you can easily check whether you need to pick up that block of cheese on your way home.

Glass viewing panels

American fridge freezers with glass panels let you see what’s inside without having to open the door. Some models will light up the fridge when you knock on the glass panel so you can see exactly what you’ve got without letting cool air escape.

Mini bar door

Want easy access to your refreshing cold drinks? Look out for the mini bar door feature. This is a little door on the main fridge door that folds down so you can grab that cold beer. Even better, when the mini door is folded down, it can also double up as a bar to pop your drinks on.

Twin cooling

Twin cooling tech uses two cooling systems, one for the fridge, and one for the freezer. Unlike standard fridge freezers that use just one for both, this method keeps your food in each compartment fresher for longer. This is because the air in the freezer needs to be dry, while the air in your fridge needs to be wetter. Plus, you won’t have to worry about smells mixing between both sections.

Convertible zones

A convertible zone in an American fridge freezer is a third compartment that you choose how to use. Need more room for your yummy fresh food? Use it as extra fridge space. Or if you’re stocking up on all those frozen treats, turn in into an extra freezer compartment. This means you can create the perfect space for your favourite foods.

Water and ice dispensers

You’ll find a lot of American fridge freezers with water and ice dispensers, and for good reason too. Water dispensers give you a fresh supply of fridge cold water whenever you need to quench your thirst, and ice dispensers means you’ll always have ice on hand to freshen up your drinks.

It’s handy to know that some models will connect straight to your water supply and some will come with tanks that you’ll need to fill up every now and then.

Door-in-Door storage

Look out for models with the useful Door-in-Door storage. This double layered door lets you easily get to the food you use the most without having to open the whole door. Not only is this handy, but it’ll also mean less cool air gets lost from the fridge.

LED & touchscreen displays

You don’t have buttons on your phone, so why have them on your fridge freezer? A lot of great American fridge freezers have easy to use touchscreen buttons, so you won’t have fiddle about when tweaking those cooling settings. Plus, they’re super stylish too and easy to clean.

How much does it cost to run?

American fridge freezers will roughly go through 358kWh of electricity a year, which will cost around 16p per day.

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