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What is a multidoor?

Find out everything you need to know about multidoor fridge freezers and how you can make the most of extra storage to keep your food fresh, with our helpful guide.

Multidoor fridge freezers are packed with plenty of storage for your fresh and frozen food. Thanks to their huge capacity and flexible drawers and shelves, there are plenty of options for storing all of your favourite treats. All this capacity makes a multidoor model ideal for big families and those who are passionate about cooking with the freshest ingredients.

More doors and drawers

When it comes to explaining multidoor fridge freezers, the clue is in the name. Boasting two compartments on the top and the bottom, you really do get a whopping amount of room compared to a standard upright model. Multidoor fridge freezers start from just 60cm wide, and their deep shelves and drawers will let you really stock up on your shopping. Most models, like this Hotpoint Jupiter, hold at least 20 bags – often more. And because the bottom compartments are usually around worktop height, you’ve got easy access to your favourite ingredients when you’re cooking up a storm.

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The most flexible storage

You’ll find that there’s loads of choice when it comes to choosing how you store your food with a multidoor. Most models offer flexible zone cooling, so you can adjust the temperature in certain areas depending on what you’re storing. So if you want extra crispy salad or ice cold milk, you can select individual temperatures for specific drawers and shelves. Not only does this mean that your food will stay at optimum freshness for much longer, but you can also enjoy your food and drink just the way you like it.

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Frost free freezing

In multidoor fridge freezers, like this Hotpoint model, the freezer compartment is kept completely separate to your fridge. This means that you don’t have to worry about keeping temperature and moisture levels right – the separate airflow to your fridge and freezer compartments will do this for you. All of our multidoor models also come with frost free technology, which makes sure there’s a constant flow of cool air around the freezer and fridge. So you won’t find yourself constantly chipping away at built-up ice!

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