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What can I wash with a quick wash programme?

Clean your clothes in no time with this handy wash cycle.

Quick wash programmes are perfect if you need to refresh your favourite outfit or deal with a laundry emergency lickedy-split! We’ve got a full breakdown of what clothes you can clean with a quick wash programme in our handy guide.

How does a quick wash cycle work?

As you may have guessed, quick washes are speedy cycles that clean your clothes in under an hour. They work with faster spin speeds than regular cycles, so they rinse the water off a lot quicker after the wash.

Freestanding models

When should I use the quick wash cycle?

Quick wash programmes are super handy, but it’s important not to fill the drum too much as your clothes won’t get cleaned. They’re perfect for light loads, like refreshing work shirts or giving your Friday night outfit a touch up.

Integrated models

What are the benefits of a quick wash?

It’s all in the name! Quick washes help save you time as they’re handy for handling little laundry jobs. They use a lot less water and energy than a regular wash, so they’re a really energy efficient wash programme too!

Some washing machines, like this Indesit model, can take care of all kinds of clothes. It features six programmes that deliver great results in under an hour, including a speedy 20 minute wash, perfect for gym kits and work shirts. So at the end of the day, you’ve got more time for you.

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