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What are washing machine energy efficiency ratings?

Find out everything you need to know about washing machine energy labels.

Being energy efficient is good news for everyone. Not only are you protecting the environment, you can save some pennies on your household bills too. Every washing machine has an energy label that gives you an idea of how efficient it is. If you're lost in a sea of A's and A+++'s and just want to know how you can be more efficient, don't go anywhere, we're here to explain the lot.

What do the ratings mean?

Let's start with the basics. The highest A+++ rated appliances are top of the pops. Why? Simple, really. They use the least amount of electricity compared to other models. And as you slide further down the scale from A++, to A+ and finally on to A rated machines, you'll see a slight increase in the amount of energy needed to power them.

A+++ washing machines

How are these ratings calculated?

Some clever clogs has the unenviable task of testing all those lovely washing machines you see on our site and giving them an energy rating. It's calculated by measuring the average amount of energy that particular model uses based on 220 cycles, run at 60˚c with a full drum. You won't always be using cycles like that, so it's worth noting that the averages and the label may work out to be slightly different.

Energy efficient features

As well as the rating system, there are a bunch of wash programmes and bits of tech that can also help to save energy. This super-clever Samsung model is not only rated A+++, it magically cleans and cares for your clothes in less time, using less energy. Unlike standard machines, QuickDrive™ technology rocks your washing back and forth in the drum to give a quicker and more thorough clean.

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