Autumn means crisp mornings, falling leaves, chestnuts, stews and pies…and of course Halloween! Yes, the spooky day when children (and of course some adults) run around in scary costumes asking for sweets – or else – and try to scare as many people as possible. It’s also the one day of the year where you can decorate your home in a freaky way without, well, appearing a little bit like a freak.

So, when it comes to decorating our homes for this one night, you could go all classic. You know, the pumpkins with the spooky faces carved into them, the ghosts and an awful lot of orange. That’s all great and is of course very suitable if you have children around, but it’s hardly something you need telling about. You will no doubt have seen all the pumpkin-carving patterns out there already and have done them year in year out.

This is where it’s nice to take a bit of a different approach, especially if you’re planning to have a party with adults. So in this post I will spare you the orange pumpkins and go for an altogether more grown up but no less spooky approach. You could simply start by hanging swathes of black fabric over your existing curtains, drape them over sofas and chairs and use some as a tablecloth. All this black fabric will give your home an ‘Adam’s Family feel’ in an instant.

Spooky Terrarium

Of course I’m not going to “ban” pumpkins altogether. However, a more grown up version would be to paint them black and/or gold. Use spray paints for the best results and place them all over the house – or at least the room where you’re holding the party.


Now it’s all about the small touches. If you’re holding a dinner party, then you’ll most probably need some table decorations. Candles (preferably black ones) go without saying, but how about a fabulous skull to hold dark flowers and foliage? The white of the skull will contrast and nearly glow against the black setting and make it a real standout piece.

Skull & Flowers

If you have a little time on your hands and like to get creative, then how about creating a small terrarium (or two or three) filled with moss, skulls, taxidermy and other pieces that create something of a spooky wonderland. Of course you don’t have to keep it ‘miniature’, you could also use a huge, oversized vase and place it on your mantelpiece for a great effect.

How about incorporating a completely different culture? If black isn’t quite your thing, then why not go for a Mexican theme? “Dia de los muertos”, day of the dead, is the Mexican equivalent to Halloween (just with possibly a deeper meaning) and features beautifully decorated sculls in amazing colours and patterns. In this case, may I suggest you get your paintbrushes out?



No party should of course be without a drinks station or area and that means giving your bar cart for example a bit of a makeover. Add some (black) candles, dark (blood-like) liqueurs and dark coloured glasses for the right kind of mood.

Bar Cart

At the end of the day though, whatever your choice, whatever kind of party you’re looking to throw, the main thing is to have fun. Oh, and get spooked of course!

How are you decorating your home this Halloween?


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By Carole Poirot on 24.10.16

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