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    Integrated fridge freezer buying guide

    Here are the top 5 things you should look out for when buying an integrated fridge freezer.

    Integrated fridge freezers are fitted into your kitchen for a seamless look and are available in a variety of sizes to give you plenty of room for stocking up on your favourite foods. Our handy buying guide will tell you everything you need to know about the different split types, storage options and great tech that will keep your food fresh and full of flavour.

    The perfect fit

    Integrated fridge freezers come in three different split types, 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30. This refers to the capacity between the fridge and the freezer. If you’re replacing an old appliance, you’ll need to get a model with the same split type to match your fitted cabinets. You'll also need to double check the height, so to find a model that will fit perfectly, measure from the top to the bottom of your current appliance. You won’t need to worry about measuring the width and depth, as these measurements are a standard size. For more information, our integrated fridge freezer measurement guide will tell you everything you need to know.


    The capacity of integrated fridge freezers is measured in litres, with every 18 litres being representative to one full bag of food shopping. This means 100 litres should give you enough room to store around 5 full bags of food shopping. Remember that fridge freezers come in different split types. For example, a model with a 50/50 split will have equal space between the fridge and the freezer, so it’s perfect if you like to stock up on both fresh and frozen foods.

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    Energy ratings

    Integrated fridge freezers have an energy rating from A+++ to A. This tells you how efficient the appliance is, with A+++ being the best. The higher the rating, the more economical it will be. This means they use less electricity so they’re a great match for energy conscious households.

    Shop A++ and above

    Refrigeration features

    There's loads of tech inside integrated fridge freezers that help your food last longer and reduce waste. Look out for models with special cooling technology, which maintain an even temperature around the cabinet to keep your food fresh and full of flavour. Some fridge freezers have an anti-bacterial lining that prevents the build-up of mould, which helps to protect your food. You can also get incredible storage options that help prolong the life of fruit and veg – like humidity controlled crisper drawers.

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    Freezing features

    There are also plenty of freezer features that keep your food fresh. The fast freeze setting locks in vital flavours and nutrients for things like meat and fish and keeps ice cream nice and cold. It does this by quickly dropping the temperature of your freezer, so you can set it before you go food shopping and it’ll be ready for your groceries when you get back. Make sure to look out for models with Frost Free technology too. They stop ice from building up in your fridge freezer by moving cool air around, so you’ll never have to worry about manually defrosting ever again!

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