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    Cooker Buying Guide


    If you’re looking for a new cooker, choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we have this handy buying guide to help you consider all the essentials, from the size and type you want to how it'll work with your kitchen design. We'll even give you taste of some fancy features you might want to look out for too.

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    Looking for an oven?

    Ovens have similar features to a cooker, but they don’t come with a hob. If you’re looking to buy the hob separately, our ovens buying guide is for you.

    Things to know

    Energy rating

    Need a cooker that’s kind to the planet and your bills? You won’t have to look any further than the handy energy rating. With a range of A+++ to G, you can easily compare how energy efficient each appliance is – those ranked A and above are the best in the biz. So now you can keep your tummy and your wallet happy.


    Cookers are built to last, but sometimes things can go wrong. That’s why the warranty is so important, it keeps you safe from any nasty surprises. The standard length is usually one year, but look out for the warranty section on our product pages to know exactly what you’re entitled to.


    Cookers come in a variety of sizes to suit every kind of household, from around 35-litres all the way up to around 62-ltres. And that’s just the main cavity – some also have a sperate grill to make them even bigger. Bonus.

    Fuel type

    There are three main different fuel types to choose from when it comes to your cooker - electric, gas and dual fuel. Electric cookers are easy to use, and most have a fan to spread heat evenly. Gas is great for traditional cooking and delivers precise results, while dual fuel gives you the best of both worlds – you can have an electric oven with a gas hob, for example. Neat.

    Fit type

    Cookers come with either one main cavity, or a main cavity and separate grill. Range cookers are much larger and can have as many as four oven cavities and seven burners on its stove or hob. Due to their size, you may need to check that you have an adequate power source - most will require at least a 32 amp outlet.


    So, you’ve found a cooker you like and you’re ready to commit, but are you sure it’ll fit? You’ll need to have enough space between your hob and cooker hood to protect fixtures and fittings from getting too hot. This is known as a hot zone. We recommend at least 75cm. We want to make your delivery day happen without a hitch, so we’ve prepared a handy measuring guide to give you all the info you need.

    Hob types

    There are plenty of different hobs to look out for on your cooker – gas is great for precise results, induction saves energy, and ceramic is easy to clean. Plus, if you buy a dual fuel model you can choose the type of hob you’d like, giving you greater flexibility when it comes to mealtimes.

    Number of cavities

    The number of cavities in a cooker vary, from just one main oven to three or four on a range cooker. Deciding which is right for you totally depends on how you'll use it. If you're a relatively small household cooking up quick family meals, one good-sized oven will do the trick. But if you've got space in the kitchen and often host for lots of people, multiple ovens will come in very handy.

    Key features

    Special cooking settings

    Ovens with specialist settings make swish cooking simple with options to suit whatever you’re whipping up. From features that turn your appliance into a jumbo-sized air fryer (hello frozen favourites!) to sous vide and gratin settings when you fancy some posh nosh. There’s a setting for every occasion.

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    Steam cooking

    Whether you're trying to stay healthy or have a bake off to win, an oven with steam cooking will take your creations to the next level. The hot vapour surrounds your ingredients, gently heating them from every angle. This leaves each dish packed with flavour and looking just like those pictures in the recipe book. It’s a fool-proof way to cook like a pro.

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    Flexible space

    Whether you’re baking a birthday cake or cooking up a large lasagna, you need an oven that can rise to the challenge. Enter: telescopic shelves. They effortlessly glide in and out, are strong and stable, and give you easy access to your delicious creations. Want some more information? Take a look below to see how this clever feature can help you become kitchen royalty.

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    Easy clean

    We all know that cleaning the oven is the last thing you want to do in your spare time. Luckily, there are clever functions that make it much easier to get everything sparkling again. From grease-proof coatings, steam cleans and Pyrolytic technology, you can pick the one that’s best for you.

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    Quick cooking

    So, you’re planning a three-course feast for the family but you’re running late. Luckily there’s time saving tech that’ll speed things up, from rapid pre-heat functions to settings that cook food faster. So, forget dashing around the kitchen – now dinner will be done in a jiffy.

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    Even heat distribution

    With an even heat distribution oven, there’ll be no more waiting for the veg on the bottom to catch up with the chicken on top. It does what it says on the tin – hot air is spread around, leaving your dinner with a delicious, even finish and letting you cook on every shelf with confidence. Want to become the master of mealtimes? Take a look below to find out how.

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    Touch controls

    Looking for a more seamless way to cook? We’ve got just the thing – touch control ovens. While they add a stylish look to your kitchen, they’re more than just a pretty face. Everything from cooking programmes to temperature changes can be sorted in seconds, it only takes a tap.

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    Soft-close door

    If you forget your own strength, then an oven with soft-closing doors is for you. They’re kitted out with clever mechanisms that make movements slow and steady. Not only will your kitchen stay quiet, but it’ll also stop your oven getting damaged. Sounds like a win-win to us.

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    Automatic cooking

    Automatic programmes take the guesswork out of cooking by using the ideal settings for your chosen meal. For some, you’ll input the weight of your food to get the best results, while others switch the oven off when it’s done. We’ll take you through the benefits below, along with some of our favourite automatic programmes, so you can choose the best one.

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    If you want to keep your running costs low, while still doing your bit for the planet, an energy-efficient oven will do the trick. Because they use less energy, they’re kinder to your bank balance and the environment – time to grab those recipe books and cook to your heart’s content.

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    Electronic food probe

    Whether you’re cooking up a Sunday roast or fancy a fish dish, ovens with an electronic food probe let you know exactly when you’ve hit that sweet spot. Some models will even turn themselves off once the desired temperature has been reached, so you’ll never have to suffer through over- or under-cooked meals again.

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    Cast iron pan supports

    Ever had a pan fall over and make a mess? Cast iron pan supports will safely hold that batch of Bolognese. They’re strong, sturdy and long lasting, giving you the perfect platform to cook up a culinary storm.

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    Wok burner

    If you’ve got a hankering for some Chinese noodles, look no further than a wok burner to get the job done. They’re perfect for large pans, using powerful flames to heat your ingredients from the bottom and sides. Someone, grab the chopsticks.

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    Adjustable zones

    Are you tired of waiting for large pans to heat up over tiny rings? Us too. Thankfully, we’ve got a bunch of cookers and hobs that are kitted out with adjustable zones. Some adapt their size and heat to match your saucepans while others let you combine zones. Now you can make the most of your space, it’s time to dust off those big pots at the back of the cupboard.

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    Hob and hood connection

    Forget fumbling around with complicated controls, hob and hood connection lets you focus on your cooking. With this nifty feature, your hob will wirelessly start your cooker hood, adjusting the speed based on its settings and the pan temperature. Now, instead of figuring out what those buttons do, you can concentrate on your burgers.

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    Specialist cavity (Range Cookers)

    Whether you’re a hardcore foodie or just like to mix up your mealtimes, a range cooker with specialist cavities makes cooking those trickier dishes as easy as pie. From baking and grilling to steaming and slow cooking, you really are covered for every kitchen occasion. Ready to take breakfast, lunch and dinner to the next level? We thought so.

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    Measure, delivery & Installation

    Features we love

    Your partner in culinary crime

    Discover the tech that makes those big traditional range cookers tick

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    Freestanding cookers with induction hobs

    Induction hobs give you greater control over temperature and are more energy efficient

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    Smart connectivity range cookers

    Take control of your cooking with smart connectivity tech in the latest range cookers

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    Hotpoint Cookers

    The possibilities are endless with these all-in-one cookers from Hotpoint

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