Cosy up

    Tips to get your home, body and soul ready for winter

    Being snug and cosy at home is the best thing about winter. That’s the view from the UK public in an exclusive poll we conducted – and it turns out you guys put being cosy above even Christmas as your seasonal highlight. We’re on a quest to help as many people as possible craft this warm cosy glow – so whether it’s tasty recipes for your slow cooker, inspiration on the things you need to revamp your kitchen or wellbeing tips, let us help.

    How to keep your home cosy

    Having a cosy home is important – but what can you do to create the right vibe? Our articles cover everything from embracing the Scandinavian hygge trend, to creating the ultimate cosy bedroom and updating your kitchen.

    Find your cosy inspiration here…

    Helping to boost your winter wellbeing

    About 60% of people in the UK told us that they suffer from at least one of the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – and 50% of those people had to have time off work as a result. Our guides will help boost your spirits and shake off those winter blues.

    The worst things about winter are cold weather (36.3%), dark nights (34.7%), the need for heating (24%), defrosting the car (22%), gaining weight (17.5%)

    A cosy playlist

    Music plays an important part in creating the right atmosphere in your house.

    Indeed, we found out that 1 in 5 people in the UK felt music was key to creating a cosy home – more than furniture (17.4%), plants or flowers (13.1%), decorations (13.1%) or photos (8.1%). But some tracks are better at setting the right tone than others. If you want a little help to feel cool, calm and relaxed, check out our cosy Spotify playlist or browse our range of headphones to listen to your favourite tracks in crystal clear quality.

    What our experts do to stay cosy

    Achieve that cosy home feeling with a little help and inspiration from four AO experts in these handy guides.

    Food and drink to help you stay cosy

    Food and drink are such an important part of creating the ultimate cosy home. The smells and flavours of winter food are a real highlight of the season – indeed, our survey found that food is the 4th most popular aspect of these cooler months. 1 in 6 of us also bakes more during the winter – and many families love to join forces and create tasty dishes together. Our bank of recipes is bound to please your taste buds...

    Gifts to help your loved ones embrace the cosy vibe

    People feel that the best thing about gifting is the feeling of making others happy. That was the top answer in our survey, with 29.3% of the public agreeing on this. The survey also found that the second most common feeling on gifting is the worry that comes from finding the right present (15.7%). These guides should give you the inspiration you need to spread that cosy feelgood feeling this winter.