So you’ve decided to get the gang together for a bit of a New Year’s Eve party. More and more of us end up skipping the overpriced clubs and crowded pubs in favour of an evening surrounded by friends – well, friends and hopefully a boatload champers and glitter if we’re lucky (yes, you’ll be picking confetti out of your carpet and your pets will have bits of glitter stuck to them until March but it’s worth it, trust me). Well, before we get this party started, I’ve got 15 tips to make sure your New Year’s festivities are gorgeously glam, perfect for the party season, won’t cost the earth and your guests won’t even have hangovers when they get up the next morning. (Ok, no guarantee on that last one but I have tip for that as well!) Read on…


Tip #1 – Go OTT on the SparkleNYE Black White and Gold Party Decor Ideas

Here’s the one time of year when it’s perfectly acceptable to go OTT on the glitz and glam! Any metallics work for New Year’s Eve but if you really want your party styled to perfection, check out the trend for a simple monochrome palette mixed with gold for all out glamour.


Tip #2 – Make your own confetti

Run glittery or shiny Christmas wrapping through a shredder instead of cutting it up or buying it, and put in little pouches to give to your guests or leave the pouches in a big bowl on your table for guests to help themselves when the clock strikes 12!


Tip #3 – Prepare now for easy clean up later

Cover a banquet table with silver or gold wrapping paper left over from Christmas (or pick it up in the after Christmas sales!). When it’s covered in spilled drinks and glitter at the end of the night, it’s simple to just scoop it up and toss it away for easy clean up!


Tip #4 – Craft Your Party Pretty


Pretty much anything can be glittered up – check out our Top 10 Glitter Crafts for inspiration and find out how to make festive cocktail glasses in our DIY tutorial.


Tip #5 – Create a Photo Backdrop

In the age of social media, people will no doubt be taking pictures to share, so why not create a fabulous photo backdrop and get in a few props for picture taking? Check out Our 15 Favourite DIY Photo Backdrops for Parties for some amazing ideas on how to create one for very little money.


Tip #6 – Hang DIY Garlands

Create garlands from sparkly paper to hang behind your drink bar – they are easy to create if you follow our DIY Paper Disc Garland tutorial.


Tip #7 – Create a Cocktail Station

Cranberry & Ginger Margarita Post 5 resized

Ask your guests to bring a favourite spirit with them and provide mixers, lemons, limes, bitters, stirrers and ice for guests to create their own cocktails. Or you can check out our Christmas cocktail recipes to keep that festive party spirit going! Consider setting up a small table to act as a bar cart if don’t have one and deck it out in NYE style with fairy lights or bunting.


Tip #8 – Serve Food Meant to be Shared

Cheese Fondue Post 3

Fondue was surely meant to be called fun-do, no? Well, it should be. Because what could be more decadent than sticking little bits of food into melted cheese and chocolate? Check out our traditional Cheese Fondue recipe which is just made for sharing.


Tip #9 – Keep it to Canapes

prawns post image 1

No one fancies a heavy meal when a few drinks are in order, but there’s really no need to resort to sausage rolls and soggy pastry. Consider recipes that are easy to prepare ahead of time  like our Prawn & Avocado Lettuce Cups that taste as good as they look, or our Festive Tortilla Canapes which are as easy on the wallet as they are to prepare!


Tip #10 – DIY Party Hats

Cover thick card stock with wrapping paper left over from Christmas to create party hats and add a festive touch with glitter and tinsel.

More Ideas for NYE party

Tip #11 – Make Your Noisemakers Part of Your Decor

Let your party favours be part of your decor – stack in a bowl or along the table and let guests help themselves to join in the fun.


Tip #12 – Create a Kissing Station

Have a ‘kissing prep’ station by pulling together a small mirror, a bowl of new lip balms, a box of tissues and mints and gum. Tell guests to wear brightly coloured lipstick to leave their mark!


Tip #13 – Create a Playlist

Don’t forget the music! Create a playlist of the best tunes of past year or have guests make suggestions of their favourites when they RSPV. Set an ipod to shuffle and throw in a few corkers that no one is expecting as conversation starters.


Tip #14 – Recycle From Christmas

Reuse sparkly baubles from Christmas to decorate and serve up mulled wine you may still have to warm up guests.

Creative Ideas for NYE


Tip #15 – Leave Guests with a Parting Gift

Consider giving away mini hangover kits at the end of the night as favours – include things like bottled water, ibuprofen, chewing gum or mints, mini mouthwash, eye drops, energy drink, a chocolate bar or protein bar and a couple of plasters! Guests will appreciate the thought and their lasting memories will all be good ones.

Hangover relief kits

So with those tips in mind, hope you’re party is a huge sucess and I’d love to know what other tips you have to ensure your parties are the most unforgettable!  Do let me know in the comments.

All that’s left is for me to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year!!


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