Many of us are familiar with that sinking feeling when we realise that summer is over. In fact, according to our survey, 36.2% of us dislike the cold weather the most, shortly followed by 34.6% who dislike the dark nights. The kids are back at school, the Mediterranean holiday seems like a distant memory and the days are getting shorter.

For many, it’s back to earth with a bump time, that can induce a gloomy mood. But, it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. There are ways to embrace this time of the year in a positive way and even look forward to it. Results reveal that just under half of us look forward to being cosy at home and 39.36% enjoy the run-up to Christmas. This is soon followed by spending time with family, enjoying seasonal food and a chance to buy presents.

Kimberly has already given you some tips on how to Bring Autumn into Your Home Décor, so here are my own tips on how to have a cosy autumn that’s good for the soul and will make you feel happy.

Cosy Autumn at Home 1

First things first: just because it’s grey outside, doesn’t mean your home has to reflect that. Autumn is remarkably full of colour, from fallen leaves to pumpkins and autumnal flowers. Check out this post if you need some inspiration for autumn flowers.

Now’s the perfect time to bake something, because who wants to stand next to a hot oven in the middle of summer? It doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s about the comfort factor. Bread is always high on my list because the time spent in the kitchen kneading the dough is one of the best ways to relax and produce something beautiful at the same time. The repetitive action will give you a little time to let your mind wander, calm down and get into the spirit of the quieter seasons. And it will make your house smell amazing!

Cosy Autumn at Home 2

Chicken soup is a must on gloomy days. There’s a reason why mums make chicken soup for poorly children (and men): it’s comforting, not too heavy and good for the soul. Add a little spice to it for some extra warmth and enjoy with a lovely bread roll or the bread you baked earlier.

Cosy Autumn at Home 3

Now’s the time to get all those woolly blankets out and snuggle up. Yes, I know, putting away the sandals and light summer dresses might seem tragic at first, but cosy evenings with a blanket and woolly socks aren’t something to be sniffed at. Light some candles to set the mood and you’ll soon get into the right mindset for early evenings. Oh, and here’s another tip: if you tend to freeze easily, wear some woolly wrist-warmers. Yes, even inside; keeping your pulse warm will automatically warm up your body.

Cosy Autumn at Home 4

Make the most of those chilly, dry and sunny days. Go outside, breathe in the crisp air, soak up those sunrays and be silly. Remember playing in big piles of leaves as a child? Try it again! Kick them about and just have fun. While it’s dry, wear your sandals with thick socks (though no white sports socks here please!) for a bit of a quirky look that’s even quite fashionable.

Cosy Autumn at Home 5

Go easy on yourself. If the low mood really does hit you, it will seem like everything is hard work. Plan a relaxed weekend at home, make some tea, read a good book, take a long bath with some scented oils, eat some chocolate, watch your favourite box set, spend half of your weekend in bed and just enjoy the fact that nobody really expects you to jump around happily in the rain.

Cosy Autumn at Home 6

I hope these little tips are helpful and will make you embrace the time of the year. If all these tips and everything else fails though, remember, it’s only 10 weeks until Christmas, so you could keep busy by starting the preparations early!


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By Carole Poirot on 28.09.20

Guest Contributor

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