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Fridge freezer buying guide

Make sure you have enough room for the weekly shop.

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We’ll show you what you need to look out for when buying the perfect fridge freezer.

What split type do I need?

Our fridge freezers have various split types available, some with more fridge room and others with extra freezer space. If you like a fridge packed with fresh food, our 70/30 models have plenty of room for your weekly shop!

If you're looking to replace an integrated fridge freezer, make sure your new model matches the cabinets in your home. If you already have an appliance with a 50/50 split, you'll need another 50/50 one to make sure the hinges are in the right position and the cupboard door will fit.

70/30 fridge freezers

What do fridge freezer energy ratings mean?

Each of our fridge freezers are given an energy rating, with A+++ models being the best. The score refers to how energy efficient the fridge freezer is.

More efficient fridge freezers use less electricity, so they help you save a bit of cash on your household bills. Plus, they’re kinder to the environment so you’re doing your bit for the planet. Way to go!

A++ fridge freezers

Will my fresh food last longer?

Some models have flexible cooling shelves where you can change the temperature to your suiting, while others blast cool air to maintain a perfect temperature throughout.

There’s even super-clever tech like Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus™ that creates separate airflows in the fridge and freezer. This keeps food in the perfect conditions in both cavities, so everything stays deliciously fresh and won’t dry out.

Whichever food fresh tech you choose, you’ll have a fridge freezer that will keep those avocados perfect for a little while longer.

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What is frost free tech?

Frost free technology does exactly what it says on the tin - it stops ice building up around your freezer so you don't have to waste time defrosting your appliance.

It works by circulating cool air around your freezer, keeping a consistent temperature throughout.

Some fridge freezers, like our Samsung models, even have Total No Frost tech. This stops ice building up in both the fridge and freezer, so you’ll never need to scrape away ice again.

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Any extra features?

A lot of our fridge freezers come with an anti-bacterial coating that helps prevent strong odours from stinking up your fridge. It also keeps your fridge fresh, so you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning it.

Some of our models also have a water dispenser, so you can get cold drinks and ice for your cocktails at the touch of a button. Some fridge freezers with this feature need to be plumbed in, but we can take care of that for you on delivery so you won’t need to worry about it!

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Ready to go?

Now that you're all clued up on how to choose your washing machine, we've got a few more ideas to find your perfect match. Our range of Best Buy fridge freezers showcase the cream of the crop, so check out our pick of freestanding and integrated models here. You’ll also be able to measure up your kitchen so your new appliance is a perfect fit with our measurement guides. Finally, when your new fridge freezer is up and running, our Product tips and how tos will keep your appliance in tip top shape.