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    Cooker & Oven Buying Guide

    Looking for a new oven or cooker? With so many options on the market, choosing the right one can be tricky. Do you want a traditional gas fuelled range cooker for your country cottage, or maybe you’re looking for a sleek electric built-in oven for your city apartment? Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the perfect one for you.

    Choose your fit

    Single ovens

    Single ovens have one large cooking capacity with 64 litres as standard, although they can run as large as 115L. Standard ovens come with a grill, conventional oven and fan functions while premium models can include special cook modes and self-cleaning options.

    Compact ovens are smaller and are around the same size as a built in microwave oven at around 45cm high. They're always electric and are a good option for smaller kitchens.

    Single ovens

    Compact ovens

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    Double ovens

    Need more space for your ever-growing family? Look no further than a double oven with two generous cavities. Main oven capacities range from around 50-75L while the smaller top ovens have 35-60L capacities. Like single ovens, they can be built under the counter or built-in at eye level.

    Built-in ovens

    Built under ovens

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    Cookers & range cookers

    Big, hearty and traditional, range cookers and normal cookers are the freestanding juggernauts of cooking appliances. They usually come in a few standard widths that all manufacturers stick to: cookers 50, 55, 60cm and ranges 90,100,110cm; but make sure to measure for that perfect fit.

    Electric, gas or dual fuel, ranges can have as many as four oven cavities and seven burners on its stove or hob. Due to their size, you may need to check that you have an adequate power source - most will require at least a 32 amp outlet.


    Range cookers

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    Which fuel type should I get?

    Whether you want the precise power of gas cooking or the reliable results of an electric oven, picking the right fuel type depends on what kind of cook you are.

    Samsung electric oven


    Electric ovens and cookers are the popular choice for the everyday cook, as they’re easy to use and give you tasty dishes every time. Most electric ovens use a fan to help spread heat evenly around the cavity for perfectly even results. Shop now.

    Gas flame on hob


    Cook the traditional way with a gas fuelled cooker. The precise power of a gas hob lets you get the perfect temperature to nail that stir-fry, and the gas-powered oven creates moist cooking conditions for succulent roasts and perfectly raised bakes. Shop now.

    Dual Fuel

    Dual fuel cookers give you the flexibility of both gas and electricity. Typically, they’ll come with a gas hob on top for instant heat and precise control over those mouth-watering dishes. And you’ll have the power and consistency of an electric oven underneath to cook that Sunday roast to perfection. Shop now.

    LPG Options

    LPG gas cookers are powered by bottled liquified petroleum gas. This means you can enjoy the power and control of gas cooking, even if you don’t have access to gas in your home. Shop now.

    Which heating function should I get?

    There are a few different heating types to choose from. Conventional uses top and bottom heating elements that create hot spots. This is great for baking, slow roasting and cooking food at varying temperatures. Convection works the same way; however, it uses a fan to spread the heat around evenly. This is ideal if want to cook lots of things at the same temperature. You then have the popular multifunctional oven which will let you choose between both of the above methods, as well as fan cooking for fast and even results, a grill setting for that crisp finish and fan grilling for the best of both. Plus depending on the model, multifunctional ovens come with plenty more options.

    How to measure

    Cooker & Oven Measurement Guide

    Our handy guide will help you find the right appliance for your kitchen

    Find out more

    How much does it cost to run?

    Electric ovens and cookers use fewer units of energy than gas, however, gas models will still be cheaper to run, as they cost less per unit of energy than electric models. You should also factor in the size of the appliance when considering cost effectiveness, with a larger cavity naturally costing more to use than a smaller one. Electric ovens are still more popular because they come with loads of cooking features.

    Key Features


    Standard grills will give your dishes that lovely crisp finish, while a double grill is ideal for making that extra large lasagne golden brown. And, a variable grill will let you set the precise temperature for complete control. Shop now.


    From pyrolytic cleaning that burns away food stains, to catalytic liners that absorb grease, modern ovens come with lots of handy cleaning options, so you can put those marigolds away.


    Smart ovens let you cook with a tap of your finger. You can select and adjust settings and keep an eye on your food’s progress, all from the convenience of an app on your phone. Shop now.

    Temperature probe

    Enjoy precise cooking with a built-in temperature probe. This clever tech lets you cook meats at the perfect temperature for delicious results. Shop now.

    Steam cleaning oven


    Steam cooking delivers excellent results because it retains the moisture. This means roast meats are perfectly succulent and cakes are beautifully baked. Shop now.

    Lasagne in fan oven

    Fan-assisted oven

    Fan-assisted ovens use a fan at the back to spread heat evenly throughout every corner. This means those salmon fillets, roasties or cupcakes will be beautifully cooked wherever you place them. Shop now.

    Installation and Delivery


    We'll take care of the DIY and install your new product for you

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    We offer delivery 7 days a week, including weekends, on all items

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