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    Explore the world of wellness tech with Therabody. Take care of aches and pains and work on your everyday wellness with our range of massage devices.

    Get more from massages

    Look after yourself like never before with Smart Percussive Therapy devices from Therabody. Sounds fancy, right? But what do they actually do? A Theragun provides deep muscle treatment that’s tailored to what your body needs to recover. Legs aching after a run? Shoulders sore from sitting at your desk? A Theragun will sort those aches and pains out in no time. Plus, you can get the personalised app experience with custom routines and guidance every step of the way to help reduce tension.

    The premium pick for effective relief

    Theragun Elite

    You’ll have something to shout about with Therabody’s quietest Theragun yet. The Theragun Elite has loads of power for deep muscle treatment to reduce tension and soreness, while being quieter than ever. Whether it’s aches from everyday life, overtime at the office, or tough sessions at the gym, the Theragun Elite will give you the relief you need. It even has 5 attachments to adapt the Elite to suit your body.

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    For your everyday needs

    Theragun Prime

    Want a Theragun that does the job without costing a pretty penny? Then you can’t go wrong with Theragun Prime. With a stylish look and plenty of power, you’ll have a perfectly balanced device to say bye-bye to any aches and pains. It hardly makes any noise at all and is filled with the latest massage tech, so there’s no need to stress when you start feeling some strains. The Theragun Prime is always ready to work its magic!

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    On-the-go treatment in a portable package

    Theragun Mini

    Feeling some tension when you’re out and about? Don’t get caught short! Grab yourself a completely portable Theragun Mini to give your muscles the quality treatment they need, no matter where you are. Compact yet powerful, what more could you ask for? The Mini is the perfect massage device that’ll go wherever you go, from the office to the gym and back home again!

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    Fast-track your warm-up and accelerate recovery

    Wave Series

    Roll out tension with the soothing rollers in the Wave Series. Using vibrations, pressure and three unique texture patterns, they can target different types of aches and pains without any problems. The Wave Solo is spherical, so it can apply pinpoint pressure to areas like feet and hips. The Wave Duo has a contoured shape that targets your back while avoiding the spine. Then there’s the Wave Roller, which works wonders with the larger muscle groups, with full-body rolling and powerful vibrations. Not bad, right?

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    Want even more relief? The Therabody app uses Bluetooth to deliver custom wellness routines based on your activity data. Pretty clever, and that’s not all! The app will also guide you through the specifics of every routine, to make sure you’re getting the most out of them.

    About Theragun

    In 2007, Dr. Jason Wersland, founder of Theragun, got into a traumatic motorcycle accident. He tried treating his injuries with vibration therapy, but it didn’t work. He then began his search for a handheld device that could provide the deep muscle relief he needed. Dr. Jason was looking for an effective natural solution, but couldn't find one that he could use on himself from the devices at his chiropractic office. He didn't know it at the time, but he was about to create the world's first version of what was to become the Theragun Percussive Therapy device.

    “I created Theragun Percussive Therapy to help people feel better naturally when they weren't in my care. Looking back, Theragun Percussive Therapy was a catalyst for a bigger mission. I'm proud to say that Therabody is committed to delivering on the mission to provide natural solutions that work." - Dr. Jason Wersland