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How to monitor internet usage on Apple

Whether you’re hogging the Wi-Fi or trying to stick to a monthly mobile data limit, it’s important you keep on top of how much internet you’re using. On a device running iOS, like an iPad, you can’t actually see how much internet you’ve used in total, but you can still keep tabs on how much data each app is using.

Step 1

Go into the ‘Settings’ app on your iPad.

Step 2

Tap on the ‘Mobile Data’ option in the left hand menu.

Here you can see how much mobile data you’ve used since you last reset your iPad. You can also check each app’s usage, and stop apps from using mobile data altogether.

Monitoring data use on macOS

If you’re using an iMac or a Macbook, your options are even more limited. You can navigate to the ‘Activity Monitor’ and choose ‘Network’ to see how much internet data you’ve used since you last restarted your device, but every time you switch it off it resets. There’s also no information on which apps are using data. If you try searching for “Network manager” on the app store, you may find some third party apps that can help you track internet usage, but be sure to check reviews for reliability and quality before you download anything.

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