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Top tech for cosy days in

We’ve picked out our top tech for staying entertained on a rainy day.

Let’s face it, the British weather is unreliable at best and we all get that sinking feeling that comes with the patter of raindrops or a cold wind comes your way. Whether you need to keep the kids entertained or just need to stop yourself getting cabin fever, we’ve got all the tech you need for a fun and cosy day indoors.

Snuggle up in your own home cinema

We all love a cinema trip, but if the weather doesn’t look great you don’t always feel like venturing out. These surround sound home cinema systems will really knock the socks off your favourite movies, giving you cinema-quality audio in the comfort of your own home. As well as an incredible Blu-ray player which will give you a crystal clear picture and vivid colours, you’ll be immersed in booming sound thanks to powerful tallboy speakers. So all you need to do is grab your duvet, snuggle up and rustle up some popcorn.

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Host a living room disco

If the weather isn’t what you hoped it would be, there’s no need to wallow in it all by yourself, invite the neighbours round and get some tunes on to lift your spirits! This Sony Hi-Fi system lets anyone be the DJ by connecting a smartphone, and it also has a karaoke feature, so you can channel your inner artist. Anyone for The Weather Girls?

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Go digital and get creative

With Microsoft laptops and tablets, you don’t need a stash of paper and pens to get crafty. If the kids are complaining about being bored, get them doodling a digital masterpiece using Windows Ink, or creating photo scrapbooks using OneNote. Because Windows devices are fast, light and packed with cool features, the whole family will love getting creative. And if you download Office 365 across your mobile devices, you can start planning a sunny getaway on your laptop, whilst the kids do their thing on their tablets.

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Revive your vinyl

If you want to experience the authentic crackle of an old record turning, this House of Marley model is definitely a stylish way to do it. The sleek wooden finish lets you celebrate the classic sounds of your vinyl collection. So whether you’re throwing a vinyl revival party or just need an excuse to rummage through an old box of records, turntables are a great shout for whiling away a cold and rainy day.

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Plan your next day trip

While you’re sitting there, longing for a bit of sun to peek through those clouds, why not start planning your next adventure? Our range of smart speakers can help get you excited about venturing outside again. This Google Home Hub lets you check on the upcoming weather, find out the perfect route there and set a timetable for the day and loads more with just your voice. Then once you’re back, you can relive the day and check out your snaps on the 7” touchscreen and start planning all over again.

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Play anytime, anywhere

If you’ve run out of films and you don’t fancy watching Frozen for the 100th time, it’s time to bring out the games. The Nintendo Switch comes with two controllers straight out of the box and promises epic multiplayer fun for all the family.

This is sure to go down a treat with anyone looking to get away from the rain. Whether you’re blazing round the track, building a cardboard piano, or seeing who’s quicker on the draw, the wide range of games will entertain kids of all ages.

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