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How to keep your gaming computer in tip top shape

Take a look at a few easy ways to keep your gaming computer at its best with our guide

If you want your favourite games to look and perform their best for as long as possible, you’ll need to make sure your tech is well cared for. For gaming laptops and desktops, this means staying well ventilated and keeping it safe from viruses and malware. In this guide, we’ll take you through the really easy ways you can keep your device in tip top shape so you can play your games at max settings for longer.

Don't let your battery drain

If you’ve got a desktop, you don’t need to worry about your battery life. Gaming laptops, though, take a lot of energy to run the biggest and best blockbusters, which is why their battery life isn’t as long as regular laptops. If your battery runs out too many times, the whole process of booting back up again can damage it, so the permanent battery capacity can decrease. You should avoid fully draining your laptop’s battery. So keep an eye out for when it’s low, plug it in and game away!

Keep it ventilated

Even during the most chilled out gaming sessions, your gaming computer’s processor and graphics card work at full capacity. Playing for too long can risk overheating, causing serious damage to your device. Laptop users should play on a solid surface rather than their lap, as this can make it heat up quicker. For you desktop fans, make sure you keep your computer far away from a radiator with plenty of space around to keep it nice and cool. And after those intense gaming marathons, make sure you turn off your laptop or desktop once you’ve done. This will cool it down and save some power for your next adventure.

Install antivirus software

To keep your gaming computer in peak condition, you’ll need to keep it safe from dangerous malware. Antivirus software protects your laptop or desktop from dodgy downloads and any other files that are saved on your computer. You can even get cover for all your family’s devices, not just your own. For all the information on the different kinds of software available, check out our guide.