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Food management ideas

Some handy pointers to optimise your weekly shop.

Whether you’re having trouble remembering what to buy at the supermarket or you’re not sure what to cook throughout the week, we’ve got a few ideas to help you organise your food. Here are a few tech-filled fridges that are designed to manage the weekly shop.

Recipe inspiration

If you’ve got the perfect amount of ingredients but you’re struggling how to cook them, worry not. Samsung’s range of Family Hub American fridge freezers have a screen on the front which displays a whole bunch of useful information about your food.

As well as showing calendars, notes and photos for your family to see, the Family Hub has a recipe database that you can use for inspiration on how to use all those fresh new ingredients you’ve been buying. You can even search for meals by ingredients, so you can make sure you’re using up every delicious thing in your fridge. Whether you want to try something adventurous or stick to heart-warming staple dishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the range of recipes at your fingertips.

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Take a peek inside

If you’ve forgotten your shopping list, you don’t have to guess what you’ve got in. Some fridges let you have a look inside and make sure you avoid buying anything you don’t need.

This model from Bosch features a camera that takes a photo when the door is closed. So when you’re out and about, if you ever need to know what you’re missing, you can check the companion app and realise you don’t need a third block of cheese. Put it down, your wallet and fridge space will thank you.

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